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  1. markpower28

    VMware 6.7U3 NVMe Storage Issue

    try install windows first see if the drive show up
  2. markpower28

    VMware 6.7U3 NVMe Storage Issue

    Try this VMware Knowledge Base
  3. markpower28

    Napp-IT/OmniOS iSER Target

    Thank you @gea ! I am running bare-metal for OmniOS and I do not have @StevenDTX 's issue. I am familiar with Solaris' RDMA requirement for IB which is why I moved away from Solaris based ZFS to Linux based ZFS (not as good) in the past two years due to lack of support for Ethernet support...
  4. markpower28

    Napp-IT/OmniOS iSER Target

    omniosce-r151034 support Mellanox ConnectX-4/5/6 out of the box
  5. markpower28

    Napp-IT/OmniOS iSER Target

    Is there possible to enable iSER on OmniOS? I was able to get standard iSCSI working with ESXi, but no luck with iSER. What's the best way to create an iSER target? (if needed) OmniOS Build - omniosce-r151034 NIC: Mellanox ConnectX-4 Napp-IT: 19.12 Client ESXi 7.0 NIC: Mellanox Connect 3 with...
  6. markpower28

    ConnectX3 VPI on Solaris/Omnios

    very exciting news, is that means RDMA (iSER) finally comes to the stable platform for ZFS? :)
  7. markpower28

    Advice on vSAN networking : Infiniband

    IB is not supported for vSphere 6.7. mellanox stop making IB drivers for vSphere. The Arista 7050QX switch a very popular switch at STH for 40Gbe.
  8. markpower28

    Do you have to use a cache tier with vSAN?

    Correct, that's the current requirement.
  9. markpower28

    Do you have to use a cache tier with vSAN?

    Good question, that's the current architecture.
  10. markpower28

    Citrix / Remote Desktop Licensing

    Do you have RSS license server up and running? Maybe a good question for citrix support forum.
  11. markpower28

    First production batches of Dell M630 motherboards used DDR3?

    Intel did make E5-2400 V3 uses DDR3. I haven't seen any system configured that way uet
  12. markpower28

    Storage Spaces Alerts?

    SS alerts are in the Windows event logs. Any of the windows event monitoring tool will do such as SCOM. Or you can try the procedure below. Step-by-Step: How to Trigger an Email Alert from a Windows Event that Includes the Event Details using Windows Server 2016
  13. markpower28


    I would stay with Mellanox ConnectX-4 and above.
  14. markpower28

    Haswell/Broadwell Corporate Refreshes

    this one?
  15. markpower28

    $380 Micron 3.2TB S630DC SAS SSD & other capacities available

    High capacity, low endurance, great for hyper array as capacity disk. (VSAN)
  16. markpower28

    ESXi 6.7 & Infiniband - state

    IB is history for esxi, Ethernet is the only option since 6.5. iSER has out of box driver for 6.7
  17. markpower28

    Dell PowerVault MD1200

    You can use any drive with LSI HBA with MD1200