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    Only seeing 900Mbps or less speed on 10Gb network

    4x10GbE is not the same as 1x40 GbE unless you run multiple processes (i.e. total bandwith is identical) (sidenote - well technically it is since 40G is only 4x10G lines aggregated at HW level but in the end you can get higher single process bandwith on 40G than on 4x10G joined at the switch)...
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    NL to EU cheap parcel service with pickup

    Depends on where to in Europe, does it not?;)
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    NL to EU cheap parcel service with pickup

    Maybe @Sable can help?
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    QSFP+ 40GB to 10GBase-t possible?

    What's the reason not to replace the NICs? O/c if they are built in its not an option, but if not... Cheap MLX 40G cards can be had all the time Else - a cheapish Base-T 10G switch with 40G uplink or (depending on how many boxes we're talking about) a couple 10G fibre uplinks...
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    EU WTB MTEF-KIT-A - or anyone interested in a group buy?

    Those are not for the SX6036 ... as mentioned they are for SN2700, sorry
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    Benchmark Comparison: How fast is your browser?

    Firefox 81.0.2, win 8, Horizon VM on a 1650v4 (3,6GHz) This varies up to 50 Points overall on multiple runs
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    Mellanox SX6036 Rail kit part #

    Your Google-Foo is lacking;) (only post #4, the other ones are for the SN2700)
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    Stec ZeusRAM firmware update

    Doesnt look like I have it at my primary storage an more, will need to check backup.
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    Stec ZeusRAM firmware update

    Will need to see if I still have it. And quite busy atm, so If I don't revert, hit me again in a few days
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    New Fujitsu D3348-B23 Motherboard (LGA2011-3), $200 OBO ($140 accepted), Ebay

    Hm now you got me thinking... I am not entirely sure any more if it was an -A model I had before my current one, maybe it was B1 after all and I just remember it incorrectly; its been a while. So take my statement with a grain of salt
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    New Fujitsu D3348-B23 Motherboard (LGA2011-3), $200 OBO ($140 accepted), Ebay

    Just be aware that the -A revisions don't support v4 Xeons
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    ZIL question

    My first thought was nah, that can't be an issue, but when i quickly calculated it it looked different If you use max 5%, so you basically have 20 times the DWPD if optimization takes place, so 26DWPD in this example. Thats 26*960GB =24960 GB, divided by 50 = ~499 writes, every 5 secondes gives...
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    EU HGST 4U SAS3 12GB/s Storage Enclosure 60 bays £299

    On hardware compatibility info its always useful to add the firmware version it applies to:)
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    ZIL question

    With sync activated your spinner pool will drop significantly in performance. Its fine to test with the same parameters as you did for your 800MB/s value, just to see the difference. For non Optane drive its not recommended to split a drive into l2arc and ZIL
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    ZIL question

    Wow, they've become cheap
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    Replacing SM SC836 Power Distribution Module

    Nah not sure, but sometimes things (backplane for example) are also screwed on to the bottom. The screws are reachable from the inside, not from the actual bottom, just hidden behind cables sometimes. Can't access mine atm, so no clue and can't remember from the last time I replaced a PDB. But...
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    Replacing SM SC836 Power Distribution Module

    Checked top, side and bottom (inside) ? Sometimes they are hard to see with all the cables
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    Recommendations for 56Gb switch
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    Supermicro SC846 rail kit part # ?

    no, the mounting holes (square 2 pair vs 3 pair) are on the server side...