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    Are all patch panels created equally?

    Some patch panels come with ports in them permanently and some don't, it only depends on which type you get. Some are also modular but the modules have 6 ports vs individual ports. I've hag good luck with both versions but personally think that I like modular better as they give you more...
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    Comcast 2Gbps Internet - Anyone?

    I don't have the contract with me here, but it was very generic and much shorter than one would think. They refer to their Terms of Service a lot which is fine and they can change. The part that got me was part about payment, terms and cancellation, basically it reads that Comcast can...
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    Comcast 2Gbps Internet - Anyone?

    Good luck and keep us posted, they wasted my time for almost 2 months saying I could get it until it came time to actually sign up for it. BTW - Make sure you read the contract, even their lawyers admit it is a little ambiguous.
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    Comcast 2Gbps Internet - Anyone?

    Interesting article seeing all that they went through to get the service to that house. I can pretty much see their Vault from my house and spent almost 2 months trying to get the service that "Is available in my area" but not at my house at this point. I wonder if it had something to do with...
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    IP Camera Recommendations

    This is very subjective and really depends on your price range. I am a big fan of Hikvision Cameras but keep in mind that there are a lot of Gray Market ones out there that if you update the firmware you will either brick the camera or you will end up with the camera being in Chinese. This...
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    [Solved] BiDi fiber question

    A little tip about ordering from, Contact them before placing the order and you can probably save quite a bit on the shipping cost. Also worth mentioning they are starting to stock a lot of items in other warehouses in various locations which will make shipping even cheaper / quicker.
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    10gbit fiber with wall plate run question

    LC Keystone - Keystone Jack - Modular LC (White) - Keystone Faceplate - Wall Plate for Keystone, 2 Hole - White -
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    Where to buy full height brackets for Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN with single SFP+ port?

    You can also contact Mellanox, they were nice enough to send me some tall brackets when I needed some a while back. It certainly can't hurt to ask.
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    Router/firewall with SFP+?

    I would recommend the pfsense pre-built units as they are "Optimized" for the hardware that they are built on. From what I understand even if you buy the dame hardware you won't get the same performance. Also worth mentioning is that both of the units you mentioned are very low in power usage...
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    Are all patch panels created equally?

    I also strongly recommend Monoprice Patch Panels, we've had great luck with them. We recently started using the Modular Ones that use Keystone Style Jacks as we are adding more and more fiber so we just use the proper Keystone Style Jack in the same panel. Monoprice also sells both the Modular...
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    PfSense in a VM and 10g NIC ?

    We run PFSense in a Server 2k12 R2 Hyper-V without any issues. We are close to getting a 2G / Sec Fiber Connection and have been trying to decide what direction to go in as well. They do support 10G Cards, they specifically mention Intel based ones. They also sell this card for use in their...
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    Cheapest Prices on Ethernet Cable?

    Another Vote for Monoprice, you could also check out as they also sell copper, they are insanely cheap on Fiber and can only assume their quality will be as good with copper.
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    Looking for more than GB Ethernet, need advice on faster network setup

    This will really depend on so many things but most people seem to be able to get over 9Gps out of even lower end / el-cheapo Mellanox ConnectX-2 Cards. Of course doing a speed test and pushing actual file server or whatever other type of data through the connections are very different things...
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    10Gb Copper NICs?

    Ah yes the 10G Bug, I started out with just my servers on 10G and of course I wanted to get my other PCs 10G as well. I originally went with MM Fiber and kind of wish that I went with SM, the fiber is about the same price but you have so many more options down the road bandwidth wise. If we are...
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    Crazy that you can find info about the new 10G Ubiquiti Switch everywhere but on the actual site. I am really curious about this switch though. I might consider adding one to my network as a secondary / redundant switch for my iSCSI Connections.
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    Cheap switch recommendations for the home

    If you don't care about "Managed" Then just pick up a cheap NetGear, Dlink, TP-Link Switch and they will certainly do the trick. If however you feel like you might want more features in the future like VLANs, LACP etc then pick up managed. Personally I like the Cisco SG300 Line of switches, they...
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    So far it seems like the new TrendNET is the way to go. Only $339.99 NEW which is pretty awesome! It has 4 SFP+ 10G Ports Model TEG-30284
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    Fiber type question

    You have a few options if you go with a trunk cable, you can do one that has a single connector that will require special "Breakout" Modules like these... Your other option is to buy a breakout cable that has normal LC Ends on it, this will still give you the same 12 / 24 / Even 48 fibers...
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    Looking for more than GB Ethernet, need advice on faster network setup

    As mentioned if the systems are close the cheapest way to go will be with a DAC Cable, Fiber Store Sells them, I don't know if the switch is picky about what kind of SFP / SFP+ / DAC Cables it will take (AKA Vendor Locked). Check with Fiber Store, they might sell modules specifically qualifies...