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    Advice for mixed workstation/gaming W790

    Hello, am considering building on a w790 platform for my dual purpose needs as consumer desktop does not cut it for pcie lanes. mobo: asrock w790 cpu : 2455x Cooler: enermax liqtech tr4 II Ram: ??? I already have a compatible case, psu, a huge amount of storage, a gpu etc. my only question...
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    W790 Motherboard discussion thread

    good info thanks. Just based on Asrock’s support for you makes me want to buy theirs, and the fact its $400 less than Asus’s. I have a PSU, case, and so on. For cooler, cpu ram and mobo it would be about $3000. Yikes. Gotta find some used ram lol
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    W790 Motherboard discussion thread

    Which one is the best for OC? I heard the only one with adequate vrm’s is the SAGE? Considering doing a build on this platform (multipurpose work and gaming)
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    IBM ServerRaid M5015 on PCI-e X4

    Was wondering if this card will get upset on a PCI-e 3.0 x4 slot since its a pci-e 2.0 x8 card. Will it lose any functionality? Can't seem to find any documentation that talks about it including the manual. Anyone with experience? Thanks in advance.
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    This post is super interesting to me, I also want to build a dual purpose NAS server+gaming rig (not enough space for seperate builds unfortunately) How is the gaming performance on the EPYC? For me it's either an Epyc build or two Intel Platinum 8256's.
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    Overclock your AMD Epyc

    So how high did you guys get stable? 3.8ghz? I notice that there are no 16 or 8 core Epycs mentioned, any reason why? You think they'd be better overclockers?
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    Interesting and thanks. Though I suppose it doesn’t matter much considering QS chips are essentially retail right? Didn’t see a “QS discussion” topic =P
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    Hi, new here. Someone help me out. Supermicro X11-DPH-T. says it needs BIOS version 3.0a or above is required to support 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors-SP BIOS version 3.2 or above is required to support 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (codenamed Cascade Lake-R)...