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    CWWK i5-1235U 6 port i226 report

    Did you get to EFI shell? Assuming you did all you have to do is issue what the "auto.nsh" does which is: cd CW-12TH cd bios 1.nsh
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    Help Setting up and Installing Jellyfin

    On TrueNAS Core the built in applications provided by iXsystems are flaming hot garbage, from that track record I would not recommend ever deploying any sort of application from them on Scale either. I got burned once and learned iocage jails and pkg/ports. Given Scale is based on Debian and...
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    List of NICs and their equivalent OEM parts

    Would like to see Intel X710-T2L added to the list. 2x 10/5/2.5/1GbE RJ45 with wide OS support for NBASE-T looks like a great card (albeit seems so pricy)
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    Topton Jasper Lake Quad i225V Mini PC Report

    I purchased this unit from Topton Mar 30, 2022 (N6005 V1 board, I225-V B3 NICs x4 barebones and slapped in 2x8GB 2666MHz SODIMM and 480GB SX8200 NVME). I ran bare metal OPNsense on it for some time with 0 issues. Flash forward to present, I updated the BIOS to the CWWK 2022425 version and...
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    CWWK i5-1235U 6 port i226 report

    I just ordered the i5-1235U directly from CWWK on Amazon, pairing it with TEAMGROUP Z440 2TB (3600TBW?!?!) and 2x32GB Crucial CT2K32G4SFD832A. Nothing in hand yet but should arrive in around 2 weeks. Plan on flashing the modified BIOS from post 4 and installing Proxmox VE 8.0. Besides...