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    Supermicro H13SSL-N and fans oscillating between low and high speed

    the solutions above should work fine had to do that myself in the past. iam surprised they havnt fixed this yet and added fan curves like other vendors have even on their server boards. curious how the QS cpu is running, max clocks single core and all core? iam considering the same cpu for my...
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    Safe temperatures for EPYC cpus

    epyc cpus especially the 7742 run really cool, unless you have really inadequate cooling the vrm will more likely overheat before the cpus themselves.
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    4x NVMe U.2 Gen4 Caddy; Icy Dock MB699VP-B V2 or similar, available?

    there are exceptions, i have a samsung 1735 u.3 drive that specifically says u.3 only, and dosnt work with my u.2 cables or in the dock. btw its annoying that all these docks suddenly doubled in price. they where are around 200$ before. i guess they couldnt produce them fast enough for the demand.
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    MZ72-HBO and EPYC 7313 -temp and fan curves

    ive had issues connecting to the bmc from the same pc someotimes, works fine from another one pc, i think it runs it over the same eth port depending on your setup/cabling. the temp looks like an error, these cpus usually run pretty cool, fan curve in bmc is good though i would just adjust it to...
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    Those HGST 3.84Tb SN260 drives and Cisco firmware...

    nice work, maybe upload the modded fw if anyone needs it in the future
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    i would try with zenstates-rome for linux and see if you can look up the values first to see if it uses the same commands. theres an --smu-test-message command to test sending smu commands
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    Gigabyte MZ72-HB0 rev. 4.0

    Never seen that, try update BMC maybe. What happens on boot, does fan spin up? Do you see cpu and memory in inventory? And are you getting sensor temps etc?
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    Epyc 7b13 + supermicro motherboard

    hows the cpuz single core score on these?
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    On Rome if I played around with settings I would often hit a point where performance went to 50% and I had to reboot to get back to 100%. Like it would just lock itself into low perf. On another note I see there's epyc Genoa es chips on eBay now, anyone given those a go?
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    Have you looked at the ipmi sensors assume there's vrm temps there, at least there was on the supermicro and gigabyte boards I've used.
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    Yes it doesnt scale linearly up to 256threads how's your vrm temps?
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    You need to dig deeper into the AMD cbs bios menus where you find those other settings.
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    Try to hit stock all core Freq first, think it's around 2.8 2.9 during cinebench. Also set the bios to power mode, not performance ( yes power is faster) and power target to max or put in 300w. do you have all channels populated? It's also possible the Milan es are just weaker than retail...
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    you scores seems low, especially low unmodded, might need some bios tweaks. what are the clocks stock during all core load, i assume the ES is running lower than Retail, since they easily hit 110k+ on the retail launch. i cant comment on exact settings for milan, didnt know it even worked for...
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    Storaxa kickstarter - an interesting small NAS

    this guy must be part of the kickstarter, who asks questions like that lol. Its a ****ing kickstarter by a random company that hasnt delivered anything for a too good to be true price. Guy is wearing a face mask in the introduction video. in the off chance they actually deliver anything you...
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    Current Games that can take advantage of Dual CPUs?

    no single game will run better on dual cpus, all you want for that is high clocks/ipc and 8-16cores if you for example game and stream than you could make use of the 2nd cpu for the streaming part. or if you do anything else cpu intensive for some reason while gaming.
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    Storaxa kickstarter - an interesting small NAS

    so even more expensive if its aluminium custom design, with 4x m.2 connectors and adapters, 5x sata 5x sata power etc. also the board linked dosnt have usb 3.1 on back ports, nor internal headers for usb 3.2, so must be a custom board, a PCIE switch chip to do 1 u.2 to 4 m.2.
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    Storaxa kickstarter - an interesting small NAS

    no it wont, 14$ for a case with 5x sata and 4x m.2?
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    Storaxa kickstarter - an interesting small NAS

    its just a massively minus EV play to back most of these projects, especially when it has already hit the goal. you get a slight discount if it does ship, compared to buying it after they ship. but everytime they dont ship you lose all your money and financed another crowdsourcing scam. if you...
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    Storaxa kickstarter - an interesting small NAS

    didnt realize people still back KS projects with the insane high rate of either straight scam, or just unable to deliver any kind of product for announced price. also really shitty that any news outlet or youtuber cover these projects unless they are from really credible people or already...