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    FS: Xeon 6240 (SRF8X) CPUs - $850

    Hi everyone. I have six Xeon 6240 CPUs for sale. $850/each shipping included to the lower 48 states.
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    Cables: SFF-8643 | Oculink | Slim-SAS... etc.

    Bought cheap Oculink via Amazon. Had errors, hangs and disappearing drives on POST. Got Supermicro cables and they are rock solid after over of year of operation. Fortunately, it's no longer available:
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    Can a desktop computer's power supply last over a decade?

    Oh, before that Corsair I had two Tagen 1000 watt power supplies that were regarded as excellent. Both died several years ago.
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    Can a desktop computer's power supply last over a decade?

    I have a Corsair AX1200 that I purchased in January 2011. It's still going strong in my Corsair Obsidian 800D case (purchased the same time). I believe the motherboard has been upgraded 4 times, maybe 5. The first video card in that case/power supply was a 8800 GTX times 3 for triple SLI and...
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    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, it's still not working for me: IBM-SSG IBM-SSGSSNU7P6 E185 peripheral_type: disk [0x0] PROTECT=0 Unit serial number: HSR031B10000822150Z3 LU name: 5000c500a1844b44 mode sense(6) cdb: [1a 00 01 00 fc 00] Mode Sense (block...
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    Hi. Did you get this resolved?
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    Seagate XS7680SE70094 - IBM Part

    Hello everyone. I picked up one of these drives off Ebay and I can't seem to get it recognized by my SAS controller (LSI 3008 onboard controller on a Supermicro MB). During POST (while the controller scans the bus), the drive doesn't show up. Other SAS and SATA drives show up fine, including...
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    Wherefore art thou PLP M.2 <=2280 NVME SSDs?!

    The Micron 7300 Pro has PLP and is 2280 form factor.
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    WD 2TB M.2 SATA and Proliant X170R Gen 10

    Whoops. Thought I was in the storage forum. I see it's already been moved. Sorry about that.
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    WD 2TB M.2 SATA and Proliant X170R Gen 10

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to install a couple of these SATA SSDs into the built in M.2 riser on a Proliant X170R node for an ESXi datastore. It works and is recognized, but after a few minutes of operation, iLO5 reports that sensor 60 (AHCI HD) reports a high temp situation and the server shuts...
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    Current router on its way out... possible replacement?

    Is one access point enough to cover your home? Is it enough to handle all your wireless clients? You might benefit in adding an additional access point and theoretically splitting all your wireless clients between two APs and therefore, two separate gigabit connections.
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    Best way to update bios/firmware on HP DL380 Gen9?

    Why not just mount the .ISO as virtual media thru the iLO and boot off of that? During post, hit F11 for the boot menu and select iLO virtual media. If you go into Intelligent Provisioning you can also upgrade the firmware as long as the server has an internet connection. Truth be told...
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    EXPIRED Brocade ICX-7250P

    Can all the SFP ports be licensed to handle 10 Gig?
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    Recommend a vSAN all flash cache drive?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for four vSAN cache drives for my cluster but I'm having trouble finding something affordable. Optane p4801x is too expensive. I have 4 nodes with 6 SATA SSDs (Samsung 960 Gig) each. I'm looking to run ESXi 7.0u2 or higher. Its doesn't have to certified as this is...
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    HP 874491-001 Apollo R2600 Gen10 Barebones Chassis SFF W/ 4x Fans - $175

    Here's the link: *New* HP 874491-001 Apollo R2600 Gen10 Barebones Chassis SFF W/ 4x Fans Anyone familiar with these Apollo chassis? I can't find any details on 874491-001, but it looks like 867158-B21 - HPE Apollo r2600 24SFF-Prem Gen10 CTO Chassis. Next closest seller is in the $600 range...
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    ASRock Rack PAUL IPMI Card

    I was able to make them work on non-HP/Compaq machines, including the power on/off. You were stuck with the "video card" on the Lights Out board, however, which just plain sucked. I think the Lantronix Spider was your best bet for awhile, but I think that's discontinued. There are several...
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    Two PCIe SSDs (3.2TB & 1.6TB)

    How do these fare as a vSAN cache drive?
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    Long distance USB?

    I have one of these to extend the Xbox One Kinect from my TV to my A/V rack. I have the 40 foot version which doesn't appear to be available anymore. It's pricey, but has worked for years (runs in-wall up into the attic and over to my A/V rack). Kinect is a USB 3.0 device and very sensitive...
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    EVGA midweekmadness 1080ti's $350 & 2080ti's $550 x99 motherboard $99

    They have some power supplies up there too.