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    SuperMicro X11SCH-F - Bifurcation Support

    You are correct but the CPU configuration pins provide another way to do this. I haven't tried this yet but it looks promising. In summary use the intel platform datasheet to identify which pins configure hardware bifurcation and short them to ground using silver paint directly on the CPU PCB...
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    4x NVMe U.2 Gen4 Caddy; Icy Dock MB699VP-B V2 or similar, available?

    Huh. That's annoying. Aren't U.2 drives incompatible with U.3 backplanes? Cause that complicates my plan of mostly using older PCIe 3.0 and some 4.0 U.2 drives.
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    4x NVMe U.2 Gen4 Caddy; Icy Dock MB699VP-B V2 or similar, available?

    I have been unable to source the MB699VP-B V2 for a reasonable price or at all in Australia so far. Has someone had success with using the MB699VP-B at Gen 4 speeds? With or without a Re-Timer?
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    [ebay BO] RMS-200/8G PCI-e NVRAM Accelerator 360$

    How loud is the fan? Does it get very hot? I'm trying to balance performance while keeping my build as quiet as possible. Would it be possible to take the cover off and cool with external fan?
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    eBay - Microsemi NV-1616 NVRAM 16GB w BBU - $129.98

    Would you be able to share this file somewhere? I created a login but the page times out after a few minutes giving a 500 internal server error. EDIT: Actually I don't think I can even create an account. I think that timed out as well. I noticed Microchip has bought out PMC and that it points...