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    NAS Hyper-V performance for Server 2019 / 2022

    Looking for some insights from users of the performance of using a (QNAP or Synology) NAS for Windows 2019 or 2022 HyperV running on the NAS please? I'm was going to build a server for a client (with 50 - 100 users) for file and print services and use a NAS just for storage. But also considering...
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    Dell 710

    Curious about bifurcation on the R710 and T710 servers. Have you got any link to support for bifurcation on these servers? I've contacted Dell but they really don't seem to know. Also, how does the riser card support bifurcation if the m'board BIOS doesn't.
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    Samsung PM953 960gb m.2 $179 and new

    Check out the Asus Hyper PCIe card with VROC - very affordable.
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    Samsung PM953 960gb m.2 $179 and new

    The lack of PMP on these is very interesting. I've been looking at these for myself makes but this makes it useless now. Shame, but I'm glad you posted that, thank you!
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    Freight forwarding services to Australia

    hey enricoSa , can you throw up a few comparison prices for PlanetExpress please?