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    I think I have a spare mounting bracket I'm not going to use, reach out if you end up needing it. The network cable and rear HP/LP mount for it are sold separate, fyi.
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    Supermicro 826, X10SRW, 256GB DDR4 - $160 + Shipping

    Keep in mind the orientation of the pci bays in the back. They are horizontal so only certain motherboards with a riser in the correct position will work in the chassis. Great seller.
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    AVAGO RAID 530-8i PCIe 12Gb 9400-8i Adapter $44 + $10 Shipping

    You can disable tri mode in lsi utility. I have a 9400-16i and love it.
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    Avaya 4850GTS 48 port Layer 3 POE+ switch $70 with free shipping

    Would love to know the idle/base power consumption as that could make all the difference on affordability here. Also if it can be run with one PSU without alarms to cut down power even more.
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    Make sure you have lots of airflow over these cards. They also show up as 2 separate adapters for when updating firmware.
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    [FS][US-IL] Supermicro AOM-SAS3-8I8E + SFF8643 cables and more

    I think you need to just add to your price to account for paypal fees and any taxes you'd pay the wonderful IRS, and then do the normal PayPal invoice most sellers use here. Without a proven history of selling, it's difficult to give up buyer protection that's in place to protect the forum...
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    [FS][US-IL] Supermicro AOM-SAS3-8I8E + SFF8643 cables and more

    I'll do PP G&S and will cover the fees.
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    Supermicro X13SAE-F W680 Motherboard Mini-Review

    Yes need to update max tolud setting and some video settings per my link above.
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    A good deal?

    Part "Inspur YZCA-00311-101" is cheaper on eBay
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    Intel Xeon W-1300 and W580 motherboards

    Ahh okay I just assumed new since you had the option to return :) Also, I think I made an offer of $250 on that ebay 1390P for fun and it got rejected with no counter. I guess it was offensive. At the end of the day if the expansion slots of the X12 meet your needs for the longer term then...
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    Intel Xeon W-1300 and W580 motherboards

    You only spent $900 on a 1390p, x12sca-5f, and 128gb ram? Seems low! Also, the 13900K has a max power limit on the W680 chipset to my knowledge (at least on the X13SAE-F), so it may not benchmark quite the same as on a desktop board with higher turbo power. I personally went with the...
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    [GONE] 128GB "industrial use" SSD - $9.59 each (for qty >= 4)

    yea, i bought old gear and overly trusted the industry-grade :) now to find similar replacement SSDs that are cheap and start the circle of life all over again!
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    [GONE] 128GB "industrial use" SSD - $9.59 each (for qty >= 4)

    Welp one just failed on my pfsense box, now I'm struggling to trust the other ones ^_^