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    U.2 to pci-e adapters

    Does anyone know the length of the cables that come with the above mentioned kit? Thanks
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    All NVME Epyc Small Server

    Do you have part number and brand for the PCI16x to 4 8643 split card,? Thanks
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    Server 2016 & GPU pass-through with Direct Device Assignment (DDA)

    Which version of drivers did you use? What processor and motherboard do you have? Thanks
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    HighPoint SSD7120 NVMe RAID Controller

    Larry, Which version of Xeon processors do you have? 2 or 3? Which model of T7600 do you have? also which slot number do yo have the Highpoint in? Thanks
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    Server 2016 & GPU pass-through with Direct Device Assignment (DDA)

    o you know of any low profile cards that will work with RemoteFX and Windows Server 2016? Thanks
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    Circumstances changed

    so for the past years I lived with my partner in her house, I have 2 large servers in her basement the issue is after 14 years she wants me gone so I am going to be moving to an apartment, I still want to have servers so I need to replace the old servers both are 4u I have talked to a few...
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    NVMe on Intel S2600CP

    I am curious if anybody has been able to boot the S2600CP from an Intel 750 drive either pcie card version or standalone drive using the V1 chips? If so what Bios version were you using? If i have been reading this thread correctly there should not be an issue with the V2 chips? Thanks Justin
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    FINAL Bachelor Build - Xeon D vSAN Cluster

    Do you know approx noise level of this rack? Do you have it in a dedicated room or closet? Thanks Justin
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    FS: SOLD

    How much for the T450s? thanks
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    18U wall mount rack enclosure

    Could you let me know the noise level with some servers in it? could you work beside the rack? or watch tv? Thanks Justin
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    NVMe on Intel S2600CP

    Thanks J. Hart, I am curious what would happen if you put two of the NVME cards in this computer and both show up in EFI BIOS, would the drives show up as available drives in the Intel Built in Software raid? Can this motherboard use the Intel XEON 2600 V2 chips? This is certainly...
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    NVMe on Intel S2600CP

    J Hart, Do you know or have tested this board with and ADD-IN video card? if so which one did you try? Thanks Jsutin
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    2x Intel 750 1.2TB - $899 ea!

    Does anyone know if these can be uses in PCIe 2 slot? I know the throughput speed won't be as good. Thanks Justin
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    Enterasys 24 Port Gigabit POE switch $59 shipped (OBO)

    So, I am wondering what the best way is to connect two of these switches so you have a 10 gigabit connection between the two switches? Thanks
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    Quanta LB4M 48-Port Gigabit Switch Discussion

    What's a good 10 GB Network Card that can work with this switch? (For use in Windows 2012 R2 Server)
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    WTB: Dead EATX motherboard

    Rich, email me at I am located on Seattle. I can ship the board tomorrow.
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    Intel S1400FP2 LGA1356 UP Motherboard 160$

    Could you let me know who the seller was on this? aslo if you have a link to the Ebay auction. Cheers Justin
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    WTB: Dead EATX motherboard

    Rich I have a dead Intel EATX server board if you are still interested. Justin