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    Deep learning rig motherboard reccomendations

    I have a bunch of parts -some E5-2690v4 cpus and Xeon Gold cpus, big cases, DDR4 ECC ram. Looking for a motherboard that can handle 2x RTX4090 or 4x3080/3090. Considering Supermicro H12SSL-i or H11SSL-i (and sell the xeon cpus); Asrock EPYC ROME-D8; ASUS SAGE c621 WS; ASUS X99 WS. To keep...
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    Anyone using tape drives?

    I have about 60TB of data stored accross 1TB-8TB drives in 3 machines+boxes. Dell T7610 and Lenovo P510 won't identify >3TB SATA. Need a (ideally) cheap solution. Is anyone using tape drives for cold storage? What tape backup systems+tape types would you recommend?
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    AU Fulfilled- [WTB] 2x Xeon Gold 20+ core CPUs

    Thanks I sourced some 6138's
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    ASRock Rack EPYCD8/ROMED8-2T GPU clearance

    Great, My 2 options I'm looking at are ASRock rack ROMED8 and Supermicro Supermicro H12SSL from what I can tell either would be fine for a multi-gpu rig.
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    ASRock Rack EPYCD8/ROMED8-2T GPU clearance

    I can't find any specs on the height of the 2* mini SAS controllers on these boards. Are they tall enough to prevent full length GPU's from being fully inserted into the upper pcie slots?. I'd hate to buy one of these cards and find full length gpus couldn't fit.
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    Home supercomputing cluster

    Has anyone built a home cluster using different spec machines? I have 2x dual cpu E5 26xx v2 boxes, a E5-2690v3 and a dual scalable Xeon box, all with varying ram from 64-370GB. Network is 1G but in process of upgrading to 10G. Workload would be scientific compute on CPUs. Would SLURM be...
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    IT mode card for Dell R720

    After buying a Dell PERC h710 mini for an R720 server that had no controller card, I now find that in order to run drives without RAID copy (I need the storage space, don't really care for redundancy) I can only run RAID 0 which requires me to turn the disks into one big drive. Problem is I want...
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    Dell R720 no drives detected

    Decided to finally pull the server out of storage to sell it, and found, after 2 hours or checking that the h710 mini was not properly seated in the socket. Once firmly in, then it appeared in the startup text and could <CTL><R> into setup for it.
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    AU Fulfilled- [WTB] 2x Xeon Gold 20+ core CPUs

    Thanks, they are a bit out of my price range. EU AUD doesn't help
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    AU Fulfilled- [WTB] 2x Xeon Gold 20+ core CPUs

    (No longer required) Xeon gold CPUs seem to be in the sweet spot for price/performance, platinum seem overpriced. Any of the following would do 6152 6148 6138 6122 To give an indication of what these are going for on eBay, the 6152 (which is the top of the range I'm looking at) are USD $299...
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    Dell R720 no drives detected

    I bought a H710P mini. All cables are connected and look in good condition. When i try hardware diagnostics i get error: "hard drive not cennected or controller not supported". I then borrowed a H710 mini from another machine and got same message. Daignostics screen says "internal storage...
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    Dell R720 no drives detected

    I worked out there is no raid controller card (mini type) - its empty just in from of the back right region of server. I have a H310 (pcie adalter type) card from a T3600 workstation, can i use this? If i plug it into pcie slot, what cables do i need to attach to enable the backplate?
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    Dell R720 no drives detected

    I just bought an R720, came with 2 SATA drives plugged into backplate. The machine has no raid card and I dont need raid. Came from a data center and used with hypervisor for compute without disks. In bios there is no mention of disks, in f10 settings, says disk unavailable. When boot linux...
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    AU Big Cisco UCS Sale, Servers, Chassis, Interconnects...etc

    You mention the Cisco C220 M4 SFF "v2" server is missing some main bits such as psu's, but 2xPSU's are mentioned in the description. Do you have heatsink(s) to go with this?
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    Best 32gb dimm for asrock x99 MB

    Thanks all, have xeon, will see if can find cheap 2133mhz rdimms