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    EU Fusion-IO 3.2TB - A condition, 20+ available £184.20.

    So single disk with XFS and then GLUSTERFS over those 3?
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    HP DL380 G7 x2 - what to do?

    Hi, I got two HP DL380 G7 with 2 x X5675 @ 3,07 GHZ (6 Core + HT = 24 Threads), 8 x 900GB SAS HDDs and 128 GB RAM each. Is there an easy way to reduce my power footprint? Resell the RAM-Sticks and buy another server - reusing the disks? Those servers require 170 Watt each - for 24/7 it's way...
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    SSH & VNC problems

    What's about Log-Entries of the system (secure-Log / Login-Logs / syslog...). Beside that the sshd_config could be helpful (sshd -T on newer Linux-Systems). Regards Markus
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    I need a SAN...or vSAN..or Shared Storage...or....WTF is this so complex?

    Probably a distributed Storage in combination with a capable Hypervisor is suitable for this case. Gluster + X Ceph + X Regarding PostgreSQL you probably want to jump into Replication with Pacemaker or the project Patroni (Zalando). Regards Markus
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    EU WTB networking equipment

    I should (and could). Right now I am just "using" it and have the defauls configured. Right now 9% of 11 GB filesystem is used. Didn't have the need (or time) to dig deeper. I just just the adblock plugin (pfBlockernNG) and about 40 rules. Regards Markus
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    EU WTB networking equipment

    I got the Bundle with 4GB RAM and mSATA SSD (16GB) and power supply. Its quite handy and pfsense 2.5 should be supported (AES-NI...) If you haven't found anything until mid September - just send me a PM (will move during September) Regards Markus
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    EU WTB networking equipment

    What's about an APU2c4 for pfsense? I will switch over to USG Unifi in September (after my move). Probably too late for you, but if you are interested... Regards Markus
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    Proxmox VE 5.2 and AMD EPYC it Works Great

    Not really ontopic but the last Windows-Update (1803??) changed the setting to "ON" again. Had this issue with some Intel NUCs I need to power on by WOL - After the update this was not possible anymore (because of the overridden setting...) WTF Microsoft is overwriting my chosen settings...
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    2/3 Node extension for HA Home-Server

    I want to keep HA on node-level, so for home use a single PSU should be enough. Regarding the SSDs - you are right, but it's hard to get good SSDs in Germany (or I have no ebay-Luck :())
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    2/3 Node extension for HA Home-Server

    Any tips for me? Wrong section? Ideas for cheaper way to achieve HA? Regards Markus
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    2/3 Node extension for HA Home-Server

    Hi guys, I am building a new House and for all of the automation- /media stuff I want (and "need") a suitable HA-solution. Means: At the end of the day there should be a high available virtualization solution (oVirt / ProxMox under testing atm). I already have a quite OK selfbuilt server...
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    Good to know. Moving into new house and could use the tech-budget for upgrading my servers... - So initial invest can be higher than the running costs...
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    Ask myself If waiting for xeon d 2xxx has more sense than buying (relative) cheap xeon d 15xy?
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    Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance available - What to test?

    I think the oracle guys want to backup by using RMAN. Probably I will suggest to fire up sevaral test dbs an simulate the real behavior...
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    Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance available - What to test?

    This appliance will be used for the first backup tier. It will be replicated to another location and also be backuped to SAN.
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    Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance available - What to test?

    Hello guys, got a ZFS Storage Appliance from Oracle here combined with an Exadata (Quarter-Rack). They are connected with 40 Gbit/s Infiniband and I can test what you want :) Any ideas? Any hints how to test throughput? Won't expect too much as this appliance just have 24 spinners and RAM...
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    futureproofing house wiring... CAT8 or..?

    Just use plain CAT-7 cable for the walls and CAT6A for patch panels and sockets - 10Gbit/s right now - 25/40GBase-T for the future... If you have a server room / office you can prepare a direct fiber connection for cheap server<->storage-Connection. I am building a house right now and just do...
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    Remote Access to Home Network

    Probably x2go is another way to go. Beside this a friend of mine is using the already mentioned Guacamole sucessfully. Personally I use a combination of Putty and the cntlm-Proxy (because the cooperate proxy just allows NTLM-Authentication which Putty is not available in Putty). So the chain is...
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    What to do with a 1TB DB

    Beside technical stuff, keep the commercial stuff in mind. If you are using an Oracle DB you probably don't want to mess around with the licence-model in combination with VMWare... Regards Markus
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    PVE Cluster using UNAS 810A

    I got a virtual pfSense-Appliance for some time in a 3 node-Cluster. So some suggestions: - you probably want to use CEPH with a small amout of your HDDs because of live-migration - Keep in mind that beside live migration for host-upgrade use pfSense Clustering for pfSense reboots - So you...