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    Epyc 7b13 + supermicro motherboard

    Which would these be? I've seen the 7T83 and 7V13 but they're about double the price. The 7J13 is the only other one I've found for a similar price (slightly higher clockspeed/power consumption vs the 7B13 so it's a better replacement for a threadripper if that's what you're after).
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    Epyc 7b13 + supermicro motherboard

    Hey, I have both 7B13 and 7J13 CPUs. The 7J13 runs about 5% faster due to somewhat higher clockspeeds. I don't believe I have a cinebench for the 7B13 but the 7J13 I've gotten to about 59k points (on 2400MHz memory). For cooling I recommend the Arctic Freezer 4U if you have a desktop case...
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    Anyone have experience installing ROCm?

    Ok, new card arrived and it's showing up just fine. Time to play around with this thing!
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    Anyone have experience installing ROCm?

    Yeah, pretty sure there's something wrong with the card. I guess I can try it in a third computer, but I just changed my BIOS settings to all the recommended settings and switched PCI slots to the first slot on the motherboard and still nothing. Full lspci: 00:00.0 Host bridge: Advanced...
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    Anyone have experience installing ROCm?

    Yeah, I did that but then I had like 40 things returned due to the CPU and other unrelated things. Was trying to filter out the junk.
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    Anyone have experience installing ROCm?

    Thanks, I was afraid of that. I tried out lspci | grep -i display before going to bed and saw nothing. According to their documentation I should be seeing "Arcturus" or something at least. Guess the card is DOA. Was packaged pretty poorly so who knows. Will mess around a bit more but not sure...
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    Anyone have experience installing ROCm?

    Kinda desperate for help here from someone who knows what they're doing. I'm not great at linux and this is my first foray into rocm. I've run into a ton of headaches trying to get my recently purchased MI100 working (purchased used). I can't even tell if it's alive or dead through lspci. I'm...
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    FS: Supermicro X8DTE-F with 2 x Intel Xeon Intel Xeon L5630 bundles

    Supermicro X8DTE-F with 2 x Intel Xeon L5630 processors and 2 x passive heatsinks (not pictured) per bundle - $40/each +shipping (probably $30each via UPS or $50-60 for all of them in a large box). Heatsinks all look like 2U passive types. They're all the same and I have a separate box full of...
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    [WTB] Radeon 7 Pro / Titan V / A5000

    I have a bunch of MI25s for cheap if you are ok with that. Downside with cards like these vs the workstation cards like the A5000 is they don't have fans and most cooling options are pretty loud for desktop/office use.
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    Epyc 7b13 + supermicro motherboard

    Just thought I'd update this with my testing results. It works fine in either a h12dsi or ssi single socket motherboard. I did a BIOS update on both motherboards and moving from version 2.3 to 2.4 on the dual socket board caused some performance loss (I received this motherboard used, so they...
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    AMD EPYC 7302p+ Supermicro H11SSL-i version 2

    I've also bought a bunch from tugm and and had great experiences with both. tugm refunded me basically immediately when I had an issue with a motherboard (turned out to be my fault). Sometimes you can get slightly cheaper prices on alibaba, but it seems like it's the same sellers on...
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    Epyc 7b13 + supermicro motherboard

    Ok, just got it installed into my H12SSI motherboard and after a BIOS update to version 2.4 it's working fine (64 cores detected). I had to use a 1U 180W dyantron A31 since I accidentally sold off my 280W coolers. Doesn't seem to be a huge deal though since it'll just throttle anyway.
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    Epyc 7b13 + supermicro motherboard

    Ok, that's great news. And yeah, I'm banking on these being efficient and not using them in a desktop performance build so the lower TDP is kind of a good thing. I'll probably still have to fiddle with settings though to hopefully improve efficiency.
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    Epyc 7b13 + supermicro motherboard says the 7b13 works in supermicro boards. Surely there's no conflict of interest in that answer, but I ordered one to test and see since I found a good motherboard deal. They're also are selling Dell locked versions for only $500 so maybe one of those got tested previously or...
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    Ryzen AM5 boards with IPMI

    Looks like about $500 and available in a month or so. Might be easier searching on alibaba or something though.
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    DDR4 ECC Registered Memory (4GB 2133MHz modules) - SOLD

    I used these in some supermicro motherboards for a bit but sold all that and these are just collecting dust now. I have 16 DIMMS total for sale. They're a mixture of mostly Micron/Samsung. Timings all appear to be the same as well. I didn't have any trouble mixing them on the same socket...
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    FS: AMD Epyc 7001/7002 stuff & SAS/DAC Cables

    Bump. CPUs and motherboards are all sold but I still have the cables and PDUs. Make me an offer, I don't want to junk this stuff, seems wasteful.
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    Did you buy it? The seller just offered me a ~$50 discount and it looks like one disappeared.