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    MLPerf Inference v3.1 Shows NVIDIA Grace Hopper and a Cool AMD TPU v5e Win

    " so one way to look at this is that <25% of the configurations were not NVIDIA but the total benchmark results were well over 85% NVIDIA making other submissions almost rounding errors. " 25%+85%=100%? or am I misreading it
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    Running server off portable solar panels?

    To continue this thought for a second, 200w solar panels, actually says UP TO 200w, which roughly means NEAR 200w output in ideal case, such as brand new panels, located right at equator, on sunny and 100% clear day and panels pointed directly at the sun. Take away any of these stipulations and...
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    ESXi Server

    William Lam's blog as good series of articles showing how to install various VMware solutions on intel NUC, which even with upgrades should be under 1k
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    Need an opinion on smart phone selection

    I was tempted to switch to the other side, but luckily my company paid for my last to iphones. I'd say stay away from Samsung devices. OnePlus 11 5G is a bit over your budget. Also iPhone 12 Pro Max should be doable under $450 or so. Also Pixel 7A should be decent choice as well, except for 3D...
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    Another big life change

    Congrats on the new house. I fully expect you re-wire it As soon as possible. Get much more boxes for packing household stuff than you think you need. You're going to need them.
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    windows 2003

    Just FYI: There is unfixable highest CVE score (10 out of 10) security vulnerability for the Windows 2003 server with Public exploit already exists: "A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Remote Desktop Services formerly known as Terminal Services when an unauthenticated attacker...
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    windows 2003

    3ghz doesn't mean much. PassMark - Intel Xeon 5160 @ 3.00GHz - Price performance comparison 24gb ram is decent, probably enough to run a few apps. If the server needs 200W (under load), it will still draw one PSU or two from your home. It could serve your media files, too, as long as you don't...
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    windows 2003

    I assume you meant Dell PowerEdge 2950, not 2050. At this point, the CPU running this machine is about the same speed as raspberry pi. Windows 2003, since long dropped from any support, is very insecure, and I'd highly recommend installing Linux Server (not Desktop/GUI) OS on it. Another problem...
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    Using refurbished DL380 G9 3.5" 12-Bay Server for a Ceph Cluster....will it work?

    If Vdevs built with 6 drives in Z2, how would you ever "loose" entire vdev? I had weak and old drives crumble with zfs, which a) gave plenty of warnings and b) despite multiple drives had issues, still did not incur ANY data loss right before I've migrated data to new array. ZFS has limitation...
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    Pfsense network card compatibility

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    Pfsense network card compatibility

    For routing at 40gbis, you'd probably be better off with TNSR (free for home use) or VyOS As for PFsense hardware support, they do mention IXL driver support intel 40gig, as well as mlx* drivers support from connectx-2 to X-6
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    Is it normal UPS batteries degrade so much?

    yes, they use a different charging algorithm - ABM, which extends battery life
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    Is it normal UPS batteries degrade so much?
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    Is it normal UPS batteries degrade so much?

    I've had a similar experience with my old APC 750 VA SmartUPS. Used to replace off-brand batteries every 2 years. Replaced it with eBay bought HP G4 1500VA (rebranded Eaton) for $80 with used batteries over 3 years ago. Still going strong on the original batteries unit came with...
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    Unraid Docker service and Shinobi

    Have you looked at Frigate? Frigate NVR I use Qnap's QVR Pro (not elite) - The QVR Pro server doesn't support hardware accelerators (QVR Pro Client DO and QVR Elite Server does). Still, on the upside, it's "free" for eight cameras and supports motion detection, including custom zones. There...
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    Vyos 10GbE Router

    Yeap. Doubled it. From $499 to $999 Internet doesn't forget.
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    Intel Exiting the PC Business as it Stops Investment in the Intel NUC

    Current Intel's CEO is a Tech guy (after a long chain of bean counting MBAs) who was both Intel's CTO for 20 years and spent time in VMWare. I trust him to do the right call for Intel, even if it is sometimes hard to see from the outside. I know a little about how complex Intel is as I used to...
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    First time building a NAS - I have lots of questions before I start

    Minor correction of a copy-and-paste issue - See bolded. It should've been vdevs not mirrors.
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    5Gbps Routing - home internet

    I don't think PF nor OpnSense could route at 10 gig speeds regardless of hardware (without breaking into fort nox). TNSR or VyOS is the way do do "inexpensive" 10gig software routing. here's one of the ways you could get it done: TNSR or VyOS...