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    FS-EU 16x Netapp drive frames, 3.5" ?

    From an unknown, maybe NetApp storage, only postage fee need to be paid. 16 pieces. Postage to EU around 30EUR.
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    GIGABYTE HPE R281-N40 CL2200

    Some note about this iron, some good, some not good: - works well with P-8124, 8171M cloud CPUs, but no CPU carrier added to the heatsink :( - only 2666MHz RAM or over is supported, can't work with 2133MHz - NVME OCP card missing, called CNVO124, very exotic, out of the box only 2 SATA drive...
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    M11SDV-8C-LN4F BMC/IPMI networking gone wonky

    Your welcome! We are here to help each other :)
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    M11SDV-8C-LN4F BMC/IPMI networking gone wonky

    Yes, I have! Check the mac address of IPMI, if it's garbage or non equal what"s in the mobo, can cause this. SM support will help, really, really helpful guys there! X11SPI-TF solution : You may use IPMICFG to set the IPMI MAC address to match the one on the sticker. IPMICFG -a (you ipmi mac...
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    HP H240 Detects backplane but not drives - Help Please

    FW updated to the latest? Latest fw 7.2 as I see you are 1.18 ??? Latest FW
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    EU FS : Xeon Gold 5118 pair

    Any price suggestions, if it's too much?
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    Motherboard from Iranian kamikaze drone

    Yes, but the place of the arrival must be true :)
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    Motherboard from Iranian kamikaze drone

    Q.C. PASS : Made in China ?? :) AD9361 Datasheet
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    EU FS : Xeon Gold 5118 pair

    Looking for PCIe SSD for trade these CPUs. I want to use as ZFS cache drive.
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    I try 8272cl but don't post in this machine too... :(
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    You have to do a VRM mod, RolloZ170 made a good guide how to do it. I do the same, and my dual 8272cl works in X11DPi-NT fine. Here :
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    LGA 3647 CPU cooler advice

    You need narrow, I use this (SNK-P0070APS4): Supermicro Cooler should be enough at all and later if you switch to any powerful CPU. In 4U you have not enough airflow to use passive heatsink, i think.
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    EU FS: Cisco Nexus Switch 5672UP, 5548UP

    Another Cisco added Let me know if you have any suggestion...
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    [WTB] Gold 5118 (SR3GF) and Silver 4116 (SR3HQ)

    Hi, Is it still actual? I have some 5118. Are you in EU, or overseas? Regards, Zoltan
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    EU FS : Xeon Gold 5118 pair

    Seagate Exos 2X14 Mach.2 added