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    Great Deals hot tip

    Thats cool if you find a diamond in the rough. For me, I just want stuff to work and function. I get enough break/fix time to last a lifetime at work. :)
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    -PLEASE DELETE- (FS - US/NJ) - Lenovo branded Samsung 128GB ECC 3DS RDimms

    Listings don't help, you need to search for completed items. That's what stuff actually sold for. Those guys on eBay are also paying fees which are avoided selling direct here...which is why folks want to pay less than eBay.
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    [FS][US-EU] Intel Optane SSD 900P Series (280GB, AIC PCIe x4, 3D XPoint)

    I'm not sure what you're selling. Can you clarify?
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    Question on ECC RAM

    Good day, Curious if this is all expected. A lot of the documentation was for older memory, so that could explain. I'm curious why my memory shows the following output. System: Dell Precision 3460 SFF i9-13900 CPU W680 Chipset Micron MTC20C2085S1TC48BA1R 2x32GB ECC Windows 11 Pro I was...
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    Dell Poweredge R620's - 16/20 Cores - 64/128gb RAM - $200

    I know there is some concern here for the old platform, but the good news is RAM should be super cheap along with replacement parts. Its a decent starter and as you advance you can look for bigger/better/newer or more efficient based on your needs/wants. I started with an old desktop, then went...
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    Intel Optane P1600X 118GB M.2 2280 - $59

    Intel got out of the business of these. That's why he says they'll go lower - they want to clear them out.
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    [Sold] X399 Designare & 2950X combo

    Plenty of people using older stuff if the price is right. X99 is even older and its plenty popular.
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    EXPIRED [CN] Seeed studio reServer 4C/8T for $165

    This is neat but no idea what I would do with it.
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    [JP] WTB 32x32GB LRDIMM DDR3 1866, Hynix HMT84GL7AMR4C-RD, 2x scalable (614[46]|5222|6246|4215R)

    FYI, the CPU is $360 shipped new from Amazon US. 60K Yen is like $400+, which is even more than you paid for the whole combo. People here want deals.
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    CDW: 32GB DDR5 ECC SO-DIMMs $132

    Nice. Glad to see these available.
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    CDW: 32GB DDR5 ECC SO-DIMMs $132

    Hope someone got some DIMMs they need.
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    CDW: 32GB DDR5 ECC SO-DIMMs $132

    I've been trying to find these for a while for a W680 build I'm finishing. Micron - DDR5 ECC - module - 32 GB - SO-DIMM 262-pin - 4800 MHz / PC5-38400 - unbuffered Not sure its a GREAT deal, but being available is great for me...
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    Looking for Cable - Does it exist?

    Side exits would work. Ultimately, the 80MM fan that was in the way was screwed in and not riveted, so I was able to reverse the mount and orient the fan on the far side to allow my standard cables to fit. I will look into the side exits so thanks for posting @DavidWJohnston
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    Looking for Cable - Does it exist?

    Having trouble squeezing my ROMED8U in my iStarUSA HB3100 case. The SAS ports on the board are where a case fan is. I'm going to have to modify the fan housing or find a cable that is right angle in the way I need it. I want something like this. Mini SAS 8643 to 4x SATA, BUT I need the 90 the...
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    LSI 9300-16i $129 obo

    I wish the smaller versions would get cheaper. 9300-16i is a tall boy and won't fit in my enclosure.
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    FS: [US-VA] Seagate Exos X14 14TB Hard Drives (30 HDDs in Total) – used

    Pricing seems high for such a large quantity. Server parts has these for $135 with quantity discounts for 20+ and include 2 Yr warranty. You might want to list drive stats, especially power on hours.
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    WTB: EPYC ROME 7xx2

    Thanks for the reference. Nice to hear.
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    WTB: EPYC ROME 7xx2

    Looking for the best I can get $250-325ish. Not half mem bandwidth model ( AMD EPYC 7282, AMD EPYC 7272, AMD EPYC 7252, and AMD EPYC 7232P ) Not locked. Will use in Asrock MB. Also need a Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3 Thanks.