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    Format SSD to 4Kn with Samsung DC Toolkit 2.1 for Linux?

    Hi, It sounds like the Samsung DC Toolkit 2.1 is the tool you need to use in order to format your Samsung PM883 SSDs to 4Kn sectors. The --sct option appears to be used to run specific commands on the SSD, and the --writesame-pattern-background and --writesame-pattern-foreground options seem to...
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    14tb WD easystore ext - shingled or no? (or sugg an internal)

    Hi, The 14TB Western Digital Easystore external hard drive is not a shingled magnetic recording (SMR) drive. It uses conventional magnetic recording (CMR) technology. This means that the drive should be suitable for use in a NAS and can be shucked without any issues. If you are looking for a...
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    Raritan DPXS20A-30L6 PDU - why is it so cheap?

    The Raritan DPXS20A-30L6 PDU may be priced cheaply for a number of reasons. One possibility is that it is an older model that has been replaced with newer versions, and is being phased out by the manufacturer. Additionally, the DPXS20A series may not be as feature-rich or high-quality as other...
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    Backup software that supports backup to tape

    There are several backup software options that support backup to tape, can handle large backup sizes, and offer bare metal restore capabilities. Some examples include: Symantec Backup Exec: This software supports Windows, Linux, and Mac, and allows for backup to multiple tapes as well as disk...
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    Memory Bandwidth and Speed Tool

    A popular tool for measuring memory bandwidth and speed is the "STREAM" benchmark. It is a simple synthetic benchmark program that measures sustainable memory bandwidth (in MB/s) and the corresponding computation rate for simple vector operations. Another tool that you could use is "AIDA64"...
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    HBA vs motherboard based SATA controller

    I think it would be better to use the 16-port LSI HBA, as it would allow you to connect all 12 hard drives to the controller, giving you more flexibility in terms of drive configuration and allowing for more potential storage capacity. Using the six motherboard SATA ports with an eight-port LSI...
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    Dell T40 vs Raid card

    Ditching the RAID card and connecting the drives directly to the Dell T40 controller should not result in a significant loss of performance for your use case. The main drive is an SSD, which will provide fast read and write speeds regardless of whether it is connected to a RAID card or not. The...
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    Latest firmware for HGST Helium drives?

    The latest firmware for HGST Helium drives can be found on the HGST Support website.
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    What would cause a command to be added/removed from a Mellanox switch config?

    Hi, The command "cli default prefix-modes enable" is a CLI command that enables the default prefix mode on a Mellanox switch. The fact that it is being added and removed randomly suggests that there may be an automated process that is responsible for this behavior. Some possible causes of this...
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    SMB DIRECT Between WIN10 Pro and WIN10 Pro

    Hi, It is possible to configure SMB Direct using IWARP on Windows 10 Pro computers, but it may require additional configuration steps. In order to use SMB Direct with IWARP, both the server and client computers must have RDMA-capable network adapters and the necessary software and settings must...