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  1. kroem

    HP H240 (SAS3 HBA) 30 GBP from EU seller / 34 USD from US seller

    Is there a 16 port version of this card?
  2. kroem

    EU WTB: RAM for SM X9-line

    Ok, need to figure out it those will work... Will pm
  3. kroem

    EU WTB: RAM for SM X9-line

    Looking for some 16GB sticks for a X9SRL build. 4-6 sticks. Cheapo, please. Shipping to Sweden.
  4. kroem

    EU GPU Deep Learning Server 8xV100 SMX2

    Can I run Fortnite on this? Does it shred?
  5. kroem

    EU [WTB] 16 port HBA

    So, I pulled the trigger on a new mobo to move from narrow-ILM and will lose some pci-slots. So, need a 16 port HBA instead of my two 8 port ones now. SFF8087 would be preferred since I have those cables but if you have a card + cables I'd be interested. Shipping to Sweden!
  6. kroem

    PMC PCA-00364-03-C NVRAM accelerator

    Ok, nice. So you need the card + external cap? (If I wanna use this as say... ZIL)
  7. kroem

    PMC PCA-00364-03-C NVRAM accelerator

    Hmm. What's the purpose of that card? Is that a 8GB module onboard?
  8. kroem

    SM X9DRI-LN4F+ IPMI BMC file "stuck". "Exist IMA File on BMC"

    I never found a solution :| Had to use a USB-stick.
  9. kroem

    SM X9DRI-LN4F+ IPMI BMC file "stuck". "Exist IMA File on BMC"

    So I have a problem with getting an ISO mounted over IPMI on my X9-board. As soon as I open the Virtual Media menu via the Java console there is a message that "Exist IMA File on BMC", unplugging and plug in does not work. I have tired a reset of IPMI/iKVM, upgrade of the firmware and multiple...
  10. kroem

    EXPIRED 100 Gbps Ethernet switch - $1000 - new

    Well... that is 10x the BW...
  11. kroem

    Need a little hand holding on Proxmox VE backup strategies.

    I do: 1) tar -> backup of /etc/pve and some other stuffz each night and just dump that on a "backup zvol" 2) pve's native backup tool to backup VM/LXC's like 2 times a week to the "backup zvol" 3) znapzend snapshots locally of all the pools. Snapshots are kept locally and sent to a local zpool...
  12. kroem

    EU [WTB] Cheapo 10G/40G cards (a pair, with cable(s)).

    Anyone willing to part with a pair of cheapo 10G cards? Cant seems to find any _real cheap_ off fleabay atm. Would like to use some for ceph cluster traffic. I'm located in Sweden, so EU preferred...
  13. kroem

    Change Proxmox IP after the fact

    It's not a problem to change IP after install. I would probably suggest to use ovs and create a ovsint. port for MGMT.
  14. kroem

    Everyone's next boot drive S3500 480GB $120

    As much as the S3500 might be a better fit performance wise, buying new drives with warranty may still be warranted sometimes ... (what a pun!) (mostly I'm just sad it's a hassle to order these over the Atlantic...)
  15. kroem

    Sun 96GB PCI-E flash accelerator for $20

    Was a while ago since I tried, but I think I got it working with these... Dropbox -
  16. kroem

    Help needed after a bad flash of a SUN F20 Flash accelerator card

    Re-uploaded: Dropbox - Good luck :)
  17. kroem

    MVC - Minimum Viable Ceph

    Stealing your thread a bit maybe - I want/need a shared storage for a 3 node pve-cluster (one is monitoring node only...). Is a one SSD/box solution even viable? So two SSD's in two hosts. I won't really need any great performance, I just want to be able to do some HA.
  18. kroem

    OpenNebula - anyone using? :)
  19. kroem

    OpenNebula - anyone using?

    A friend pointed out his company might be moving to OpenNebula from Xen - and it got me curious - it looks pretty slick. Anyone using it for your home-play-lab? :) I'm running Proxmox today, I have 4 nodes, but no clustering.
  20. kroem

    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    Mikrotik CSS326-24G-2S+RM or CRS326-24G-2S+RM?