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    HGST HUSML4040ASS600 - 400GB SAS - $160

    Seller took $100 for 1 on the second link. Only took a couple of minutes for them to accept on my offer as well.
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    Intel DC S3500 Series 600GB SSD SATA 2.5"

    I've been missing all of the SSD deals... If anyone wants to part with 1 or 2 let me know!
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    Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor 31S1P Special Price Promotion of $195*

    Patrick - Did Colfax ever get back to you? I am in for 2. I could potentially use a 3rd if we need to drive up the quantity.
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    WTB: Supermicro DOM

    I am looking for 2x Supermicro SSD-DM016-PHI or SSD-DM032-PHI. Does anyone have them for sale? I will even take one if that is all you have. Thank you!
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    Dell/ Force10 32 port 40GbE < $1000????

    My contact left Dell about 2 weeks ago.... I am working on getting another account setup.
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    Dell/ Force10 32 port 40GbE < $1000????

    I can setup a Force10 account for myself and provide software for anyone that needs it.
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    FS/FT/WTB/WTT sfbayzfs Pt 1: Systems, backplanes, controllers, expanders, mobos, procs, RAM

    I received my order from sfbayzfs this afternoon and I cannot say enough positive things about him. Not only did he answer a ton of questions for me, but the packing was impeccable. I have never seen such precision and attention to detail in packing an order. Thank you sfbayzfs!
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    FS/FT/WTB/WTT sfbayzfs Pt 1: Systems, backplanes, controllers, expanders, mobos, procs, RAM

    sfbayzfs is a great seller. I purchased a chassis and a couple of HBA cards from him. He was informative and helpful through the whole process, never got frustrated by my questions, and included extra parts for free. I have yet to receive the order due to a Fedex delay and a weekend vacation...
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    Fusion-io ioDrive II - 1.2TB+ drives <0.50/GB

    Same for me. I offered $400 with a quantity of 2 and they countered at $500.
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    Spicy V3, LSI SAS Controllers +

    I know I am new here but I have dealt with ShepsCrook in the past. He is very reliable and supplies a quality product. I am running one of his CPUs now. My only regret.... I wish I would have bought a dual CPU board and a second chip for the price.