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    Fusion ioMemory PX600 keep saying its in minimal mode and hardware failure

    It's too hot, 80° is NOT GOOD. Maybe this killed the chips forever.
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    looking for ssd recommendations for heavy seeding ?

    HDDs wear out mostly from spinup/spindown, high range temp. changes and then the spinning alone. That said, an idle, but spinning disk over years will likely die after the same time period like the one with heavy duty. But that's no rule, if a brand new disk decides to die after one week, you...
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    Updating the HGST HDD & SSD firmware

    The LSI should have an option for PUIS on/off in its BIOS if you have flashed it. Maybe this makes a difference. Another shot would be (if it is really Apple firmware): camcontrol cmd $device -c "EA 00 00 00 00 00 01" like from back in the day with the superdrive: FreeBSD and the Apple USB...
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    Updating the HGST HDD & SSD firmware

    Have you tried taping it to be sure that the adapter isn't wired strange?,36146.html
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    PM9A3 Firmware / ERRORMOD related to fw version

    I repacked everything and sorted it there in July '23: HDD Firmware Downloads. PC-3000 Support Downloads. Data recovery and HDD repair tools Pls add if you find something new on hddguru and on DarkServant's gmx-link. :cool:
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    Updating the HGST HDD & SSD firmware

    Usually you should jump up and down with the firmware, but reset the disk afterwards to be sure. There is no public known hard way to crossflash, E123 won't share his secrets and I killed my disk trying exactly that. I have that project on ice, due to lack of time. Also if this would be widely...
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    Updating the HGST HDD & SSD firmware

    The hard drive will normally either accept the firmware update or reject it with an error. However, I cannot rule out the possibility that there are hard drives that become unusable due to a wrong update. Anyway, it's not the rule.
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    Xyratex SBB enclosures and compatible controllers

    If it's wired 1:1 the same then yes. To be sure, test it with a multimeter. If not, never try it out. Voltage on the wrong pins can and will do persistent damage.
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    Help a ZFS Noob select SAS drives for ZFS pool?

    Yes, this comes first. Yes and I mean you will have the scenario at some point with a broken disk in the pool anyway. It can happen directly after burn-in, with new ones or used. Yes you are right. I also had a case with the slow hard drive once, it was then noticed with gstat Had throughput...
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    Help a ZFS Noob select SAS drives for ZFS pool?

    Alternative ≠ the same thing Burn-in in general is a good thing do to for sending back DOA-disks, but I don't see a much bigger risk creating a fresh pool with untested disks and then filling it. ZFS will tell failures on the disks immediately.
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    Help a ZFS Noob select SAS drives for ZFS pool?

    Doing a full format would be an alternative to a burn-in test, it also wipes data you maybe don't want to have. Pulled disks from CIA-servers that found their way to ebay could give you trouble anyway ;)
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    Weird issue with NETAPP X412_HKCBF560A15

    No, they spin always. I can use drives with firmware from other vendors and write to them if they allow reformatting to 512 or 4k. My intention was just with their firmware settings/temp limits/cosmetic. No problems with LSI 2308 and LSI 3008 Is there any setting PUIS (power up in standby) you...
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    Weird issue with NETAPP X412_HKCBF560A15

    My non-successful journey: The HDD Oracle. • View topic - HUS724030ALS640 SAS Dell DL vs Generic GN There is a guy that can do this, but he wants money for this service. Understandable, but not not for everyone.
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    How to display poh of a Seagate SAS drive?

    If smartctl -x doesn't show it, you can always start a background short-test smartctl -t short /dev/disk. It will be the first entry @ # 1 Background short Completed - 57004 - [- - -]
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    Can anyone confirm the number of blocks on a WD80EFZZ ?

    There's a good chance you'll find that info googling 'smartctl + disk model or 8TB' ;)
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    Help a ZFS Noob select SAS drives for ZFS pool?

    Do yourself a favor and split your data into sections: important (own files, family photos, documents etc.), medium (movies, music) and less important. Of the important files keep three additional cold backups (your spare drives you already have seem to be good for this job), always(!). Backup...
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    PM863a health status?

    These errors also happen if the controller or HBA had a small time period of overheating/tripping. That's no defect on/from the disk, but the controller resets, requests the data again and the disk has to log that and 'doesn't know better'. I would not care about that, but I don't know much...
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    How to combine several "bad" Internet Connections

    This would be my recommendation. That is not true. You can do fine granular PBR, policy based routing. In short: you set firewall rules on the internal interface for example port 80/TCP and 443/TCP on GW1 or GW2 or the gateway group. Read carefully the manual, there is danger that you will lock...
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    Exos - 40C drive trip temperature?

    This can only be done with other firmware. If you don't have or get firmware from vendor -> forget about it. You can't flash any firmware, there are locks. On some models generic firmware (non-thirdparty) can be crossflashed, mostly it's impossible. Yes, there is disk software for $$$$ that can...
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    I can't initialize two Netapp PM1633 disks i got off ebay.

    Yes, the sticky thread nearly bites you ;)