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    Intel 8124m board compatibility

    For anyone looking for the PX-DNGL-01 (For modding Infineon VRMs using PowerCode- this is the specific licensing dongle noted a couple of pages back... PXE1610C, to be exact), Digi-key is now showing it backordered, but shipping on 12/20. If you want one, might want to consider putting in an...
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    Xeon 8259CL

    Confirming what Rollo said- spoke (Via email) to the Infineon helpdesk folks today. DON’T buy the USB005 (like I did). quoting: USB005 works with all GUIs except PowerCode. PowerCode is the only software you can use to communicate with PXE1610C. I asked them where I could get the part...
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    8TB Ruler format SSD - P4500- listed at $900

    @Patrick and @NateS - Thanks. I have no idea what to call the format (Other than “Ruler”???), but edited my original post title/comment to reflect your notes here. Obviously, I never meant to misrepresent! Looking forward the upcoming article about the EDSFF platform.
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    8TB Ruler format SSD - P4500- listed at $900

    @triples - Thanks, I didn’t know this. This seller is always very clear that they have no intel warranty, so higher than average fail rates is a big concern. It sure would be a dense option tho, looking at some of the supermicro ruler drive models— but filling one up with 24 of these (assuming...
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    8TB Ruler format SSD - P4500- listed at $900

    Thought I would post this one, even tho I am not sure if it is a great deal or not. Note that these are ruler drives, not m.2 or 2.5” PCIe. In other words, you’ll need the appropriate adapter...
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    Upgrading a DIY NAS using a Thunderbolt PCIe card

    I know far, FAR less about Thinderbolt than you do. However, as I was reading your blog post, I wondered if the Mac mini actually has enough bandwidth between the storage (I am presuming it has only the M1 integrated SSD) to saturate a 40GB link? I am not sure how many drives it would take to...
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    150 IP Camera Server Set Up - DL380 G9

    I hope it’s helpful, @Zeevy... I was burned by a few of these, obviously. One thing I forgot to mention... Make sure you carefully pre-plan your POE switch (or injector) locations. I recently re-did a couple that “grew” over time, and it vastly simplified the cabling. (color coding and cable...
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    150 IP Camera Server Set Up - DL380 G9

    Before you pull the trigger on any hardware or software, you probably should look into some of the other options, like BlueIris- I would especially recommend the forums there. (Blue Iris - Index page) I run 20 cameras on BI, as between 4MP and 8MP, mostly on continuous record, at 15-30fps...
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    @RolloZ170 Thanks much for this list— extremely helpful!
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    HP DL580 Gen10 Quad Gold 6230 256GB Ram for $11567 in CDW Outlet

    So... they marked it down to 9242.99... what seems odd to me is the 4-6 week lead time on a used-like new that has supposedly already been technician checked. This is just a little bit overkill for my home use case... but I am sure I could find something for it to do! :) Might need to add one...
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    Help buying rtx 3080

    I agree, EVGAs process was painless. Even when UPS “lost” (tracked it somewhere in remote CA town loocationss, then it froze for a week) my 3090, once a reasonable time had passed, their customer service folks took care of everything. (And he was even proactive about outreaching to me- despite...
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    Interesting Datto / Asrock Rack Xeon D-2143IT motherboard for $500 on ebay

    Just out of curiousity, I went looking for the lan mezzanine card. Looks like a nice one (IMO) Intel 557-AT2 for dual 10g at low power. link: ASRock Rack MP-557R2 Module
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    Anybody need a PB of storage?

    Ya know... I am kinda inclined to agree with @denywinarto ... but I have to admit- the pics are pretty impressive on how nice and neat that whole installation actually is! the idea of that same model with the 15.36tb SSD storage... now that would be something special! Of course,, I have a 15...
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    HP 874491-001 Apollo R2600 Gen10 Barebones Chassis SFF W/ 4x Fans - $175

    <Edit> I have no relationship to the Raki folks, they’ve just always taken good care of me whenI have done business with them. </EndEdit> I can vouch for the seller- they are local for me- but the few items I’ve had shipped were very well packaged. (Sometimes they have some really good deals...
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    X11SDV-4C-TP8F $449 - claims "new"

    Hey now... don’t make fun of that “obscure chipset”, I was thrilled to find one cheap [27$ incl shipping for a yottamarked Intel 8950]on eBay the other day. Can’t wait to give it a try :0) Op + Others- thanks for posting this. (My real reason for posting was to say thank you!)
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    and again the china and supermicro bashing continues by bloomberg

    I don’t mean to sound controversial, but I always ask, “Who benefits?” With no corroborated proof- it almost makes me wonder if someone is trying to manipulate SM’s stock price? To be clear- I am not following every detail of this... it just seems to me that this sounds like a ”Rinse & Repeat”...
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    Xeon ES identification

    I was about to close... chip 1 is missing a big cap at bottom left. maybe you could reflow/combine them?
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    Xeon ES identification

    I was curious, just looked them up. Second one (last pic) has at least two capacitors broken off. Look at right edge of caps down at the bottom, and compare with first processor... first shows 8 horizontally, second shows 6 and what look like broken pads. Also, top center is missing a “big”...
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    WD purple - can it be used for data storage? Yes or No

    I tried once with 4x4tb purples- as you have, they were just sitting around, as I had upgraded the NVR Machine (Technically, it’s a windows server 2012 running Blue Iris.) So, thought I would set up a little Plex box, and basic NAS to experiment on. Two days after copying all the files over-...
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    Provantage - HPE Proliant ML30 Gen10 E-2124 Quad-Core 16GB 4LFF S100i 350W - $280

    @nthu9280, I was thinking the same- I looked at the pics posted on Provantage, and it looked like there we’re 2 x16 and 2 x8 Pcie slots- but to be honest, we had just landed, and I was in a rush. I figured I would read the recent review again (I only skimmed it the other day, was on vacation...