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    EU WTS Sell thread (HPE / intel / ram / drives)

    Thanks ! I am planning to use it on Asus Z10PE-D8. Judging by the specs, it seems to be compatible. I am interested by 2133/2400modukes as I run 2650L v3 CPU, so higher is not needed. What's their price ?
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    EU WTS Sell thread (HPE / intel / ram / drives)

    Hi, Does the ram is ECC RDIMM ? ( 20+ HPE 32G 2666V modules for 45,- euro each ) cheers
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    S+RJ10 alternative

    thanks for the feedback. I'll try other connector as referenced and if that is not enough, I might add some heatsink on it and maybe add some external airflow on it.
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    S+RJ10 alternative

    Hi, I have a brocade 6450-24 with the following 10gb attached : - one dac - two S+RJ10 connected to x10sdv motherboard. The transceiver are too hot and i discover on mikrotik website that they don't recommend placing them as close as i need to do with my switch. What kind of alternative to...
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    [FS] [US-OK] 2x Intel Optane 905P 960GB - $300.00 ea. - 0% wearout

    I am interested by some SSD. Do you ship to France ? S.
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    UK 4U 20x3.5" Bay Server Chassis (Servercase)

    Those case are the best for HDD airflow : there are horizontal infependant backplane that allow air to pass almost freely. Coupled with 3 120mm fan, you can have quiet 20 HDD storage nas. GLWS !
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    SOLD **0x 64gb 2s2rx4 PC4-2666V PH M393A8K40B22-CWD DDR4 $99

    supported in ASUS Z10PA-D8 ? LRDIMM looks to be ok, but any confirmation will be helpfull. cheers, S.
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    Cheap ARECA substitute ?

    Hi, I am looking for a cheap RAID card that is supported by ESXi 7. I am used to have ARECA card for their RJ45 port (I use it to automatically get health info) and I really appreciate to be able to monitor them via the RJ45 port. I am not very well versed in RAID card and maybe there are...
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    1U Supermicro Server 6x 10GBE RJ45 X10SLH-LN6TF LGA 1150 H3 X10SLH-N6-ST031

    Haha :) The notification madness... Do'nt want to turn them off but can't live with them either !
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    ebay Samsung SM863 1.92TB MLC SATA SSD

    Thanks a lot for this input. So If I am right, basically endurance is detailed for worst case scenario (random). using a disk mainly for sequential access will outperform "announced" endurance ?
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    ebay Samsung SM863 1.92TB MLC SATA SSD

    My question may be stupid but how is there 1.7Pb written on a 3Pbw if there are max 17% of use on it (assuming 83% life remaining) ?
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    Advice for a motherboard

    How can I get access to EOL x10 generation products ? Using Supermicro archived products I can only access up to x9 gen.
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    Advice for a motherboard

    Thanks. I was assuming something like that. I wish I could search in all the motherboard ever made just to find the right one. I am not building a top notch system, so I don't need up to date configuration. Just something reliable :)
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    Advice for a motherboard

    Hi, I am looking for some help digging in Supermicro motherboard. I have search the site but it seems that not all the motherboard that existed are listed. For example the X10SLM is searchable via Google, but not by the motherboard matrix... So what I am looking is a motherboard with xeon E3...
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    AU [FS] - 42x 32GB Hynix DDR4-2400 ECC RDIMMs - Lenovo 46W0833

    Hi, Are those compatible with Supermicro X10SDV ? cheers, S.
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    EU [WTS] - [OnHold] - Supermicro Servers, NVME Optane P4801X, Switches, AP's and other loose items

    Hi, I am interested by the Supermicro SYS-5018A-FTN4.cfm . What about the noise ? cheers, S.
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    FS: [US-CO] 7.68TB SAS SSD Fire Sale, Ubiquity Gear Added, Sonic Wall (Gotta Go)

    Thanks Michael for the precision. Will I be able to format them using a bigger sector size ? Does it need a specific appliance or software ? cheers, S.