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  1. cheezehead

    Power consumption: desktop vs "mini pc"

    While a lower draw is always better, also factor in UPS runtime and local power costs. Around here, I can save a sizable chunk on slightly less efficient hardware but it only costs a few dollars/year in electric with a power saving ROI vs electric spent of 5+yrs.
  2. cheezehead

    Parents of STH - what is/are your solution(s) for Internet management with kids?

    I generally don't tell them how all the filtering works. DHCP reservations to firewall drop all after bedtime, otherwise some basic anti-malware filters and blocking a few countries. their tablets are locked down, no browsers yet (younger ones). Otherwise just general parenting on what's out...
  3. cheezehead

    SFP+ write codes

    HP compatible optics have an extra chip compared to everyone else. HP optics can be coded to Cisco/Juniper/Palo/ect but not the other way around. Just looking at changing the optic revision coding to a more recent revision (J9151A to J9151E and J9150A to J9150D mainly).
  4. cheezehead

    SFP+ write codes

    Does anyone have any lists of 4-byte hex write codes for optic reprogramming? For some generic no-names out of china i've found the two following work with some suppliers. 00 00 00 00 12 34 56 78 While some 3rd party suppliers off up their own SFP programmers, I've been stuck a few times now...
  5. cheezehead

    Cheap HPE stuff (modules, AOCs, DACs, cables), smells fishy to you?

    To verify the optics and AOC's, you'll need a SFP programmer to do a full read off the modules. In general programmers will modify the user portion of the EEPROM to make optics look like whatever so the switches are happy but the manufacture memory portion is restricted and a lot harder to...
  6. cheezehead

    Switching from Synology to TrueNAS - Need build help

    All depends on your actual usage, if hardware is laying around then you may want to play a bit. 1) Depending on workflow, could be for ZIL or L2ARC 2) 32GB might be ok or could be very undersized. Given the chassis maxed at 12x12TB drives, you could be pushing 256GB of ram in the right...
  7. cheezehead

    4TB 3PAR drives in sleds $52

    Fyi, 3Par drives run custom firmware for their arrays and ymmv for how well it works outside of it. I've got a couple of 3Par spinner arrays with a mix of Hitachi and Seagate drives in them, I haven't seen failure rates any higher with either manufacture.
  8. cheezehead

    Aruba AP to IAP

    With wiping the OS, flashing alone does partially convert it to instant but without the region code it will only boot once.
  9. cheezehead

    Aruba AP to IAP

    With the newer code there is only one image per platform...different model AP's still have different firmware. The MC is still needed to load the region information (I believe) onto the unit not accessible normally or via apboot.
  10. cheezehead

    Aruba AP to IAP

    Any idea if this can be accomplished an unlicensed MC? AP's will still connect, but afaik you just can't enable any SSIDs unless I'm thinking of 6.x days. Your AP is on the 6.4 code. AP can be upgraded through the controller or via tftp. Via TFTP and console cable .....assuming you have...
  11. cheezehead

    Aruba AP to IAP

    What model are you using? Seeing similar issues with some AP-224's. Also, you don't need the Mobility Master....the controllers still can run fully featured in a standalone mode.
  12. cheezehead

    Aruba AP to IAP

    Sounds good, have a couple of AP-224's showing up next week;)
  13. cheezehead

    Aruba AP to IAP

    ap convert You might be able to via TFTP and a console cable..
  14. cheezehead

    Does any one have experience with the Dell SCv3020 units?

    Have an SCv2020 at one site connected via SAS to the hosts. It works for the most part, dual controllers (active/passive) so the vmware hosts don't care when we patch it. With recent code there is an HTML5 interface for handling pretty much everything. Raid sets you can re-stripe on the...
  15. cheezehead

    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    18+ months later and the thread is still kicking:D SFP+ modules are SPF+ modules. Pre-HPE firmware use to be pretty open, but the newer firmware builds are "whitelisting" certain part numbers to be "supported". Unsupported, can still work just fine. If you have an SFP coding box, the validation...
  16. cheezehead

    Lantronix Spider KVM End of the Line?

    Raritan KX3 kvm switches are all over HTML5
  17. cheezehead

    Vmware changes ESXi license because of AMD Epyc and Intel CPUs with more than 32 cores

    The 48c sku likely will take a hit in favor of either higher clocked 32c or 64c skus for vmware deployments. If the hardware is used for bare metal, hyperv, kvm, proxmox, ect they would be unaffected. The single socket 64c, while going forward eventually will not be as much of a TCO savings...
  18. cheezehead

    Licenseageddon Rages as VMware Overhauls Per-Socket Licensing

    Just wish they would update their base core counts included 8c per DC license is a joke these days, it should be updated with each new WS release.
  19. cheezehead

    Server Rack: DIY or buy?

    Unless you have unusual dimensions to work with (ie 30" tall crawl space or something) and have room for a regular rack it's usually just easier/cheaper to pickup something existing. When looking, there would be a wide range of prices and conditions for used keep in mind there are various types...
  20. cheezehead

    AsrockRack x570d4i-2T

    Could easily see this for small footprint NAS builds from QNAP/IXSystems and the like.