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  1. keybored

    TR 1950X for $410

    A metric ton of these first gen Threadrippers were sold in the past couple of days. That Newegg listing alone is showing 191 sold in 24 hours as of this moment. Every one of those will require a motherboard. I doubt you'll be seeing any price drops on those with so much demand...
  2. keybored

    Sony WH1000XM2

    Focus Camera via Rakuten has them for $184 shipped with promo code BF20 These are bundled with Audible and Pandora. The ones without bundles were even cheaper ($158.40), but sold out already.
  3. keybored

    Baikal Giant-N cryptonight/cryptonight-lite ASIC.......

    There is some speculation that these are either used or they have been selling them privately for a while now, which might explain those 100-200+MH spikes in hashrates in a matter of days. Some speculate they want to get rid of these before the fork.
  4. keybored

    Extra eBay bucks now through 3/7 at 1159pm PT

    If you buy all the time then you're less likely to get coupons of any kind, at least not any useful ones. They usually target you when you haven't bought or sold anything for a while. So, it helps to have multiple eBay accounts. IIRC you can have up to 3 eBay accounts according to their TOS...
  5. keybored

    Extra eBay bucks now through 3/7 at 1159pm PT

    These are usually targeted; i.e., not available to everyone, and they vary them from 6% to 10% depending on your purchase history.
  6. keybored

    AMD EPYC Obliterates Threadripper in Monero and Cryptonight Mining

    Odd... their numbers seem low across the board. Even the 1080ti is listed only at 666H/s and I think it should be 720-750 stock and 800-850 with a slight memory overclock. Don't know if it's an issue with xmrig or if, perhaps, they didn't enable huge page support in Windows.
  7. keybored

    AMD EPYC Obliterates Threadripper in Monero and Cryptonight Mining

    1950x hashrate numbers seem a bit low. I'm seeing numbers between 1300 and 1350 h/s on a Win10 system where nothing else is running. Stock clocks & air cooled. Haven't tried on Linux though. This is also with only 3 sticks of DDR4 2400 ECC memory. I suspect adding a 4th one may improve the...
  8. keybored

    NVIDIA Turing

    NVIDIA Turing is a Crypto-mining Chip Jen-Hsun Huang Made to Save PC Gaming
  9. keybored

    Crypto Blood Bath? Mining ideas...

    Just noticed that Monero nethash hit 1+ GH/s... 200-300MH/s added just in the past few days since it was fluctuating between 700-800MH/s.
  10. keybored

    EBay Problem

    This happens a lot with Western Digital drives. Scammers abuse the exchange process where WD ships you a drive in advance and you're supposed to return your defective drive when you get the new one. They pay for the shipment using a stolen credit card and use your address when filling out the...
  11. keybored

    Crypto Blood Bath? Mining ideas...

    Only if prices stay down for many weeks or keep crashing... So far I'm not seeing any decrease in network hashrates, at least not in any cryptonight currencies and it's even higher in some. Heck, Monero is already at 800MH/s.
  12. keybored

    Coinbase problems

    Not a CPA either, but the way I understand the rules ( is that you'll have to pay taxes twice if you're mining. Mining income is subject to self employment tax. So, you should be paying self employment taxes on the net...
  13. keybored

    Mining Cards without video outputs

    Agreed... Nvidia next gen cards should be coming out this year. Add a potential slump or even a full on crash in crypto, which seems overdue at this point, and those gtx 980s and R9 290s will be selling sub $100.
  14. keybored

    Mining Cards without video outputs

    They only make sense if there are shortages of real, full-function graphics cards. The point is that you are essentially buying yourself more time by not waiting for normal graphics cards to be in stock. The quicker you can throw hashrate at some coin out there, the better chance you have at...
  15. keybored

    Big online computer parts stores?

    PC Part Picker? Intel - Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor (BX80677I77700K) - PCPartPicker
  16. keybored

    675GB/day endurance drive recommendations

    Intel S3700 and S3710 are rated for 10 drive writes per day (DWPD) for 5 years. So, those should do well in your case. Intel S3610 drives are rated for 3 DWPD and may also work if drive capacity is adequate; e.g., >=400GB. Samsung PM863 with capacities 960GB and higher should work. Samsung...
  17. keybored

    Modding/Tweaking a RX Vega 64 FE in Linux

    Don't know if you tried this already or not, but when using a GTX 1080ti or any other Nvidia card you can increase "bfactor" and "bsleep" values to make your desktop more responsive. XMR-Stak seems to allow for a wider range of values compared to Xmrig in my experience. You will lose some...
  18. keybored

    Monero Mining Performance

    Wow... Network is at 630MH/s today. IIRC just 2 weeks ago it was at 500MH/s. At this rate it'll be at 1GH/s by Spring if not earlier...
  19. keybored

    And out comes the GTX 1080 Ti to be replaced by this.......

    On Linux? If that's on Windows then that's no surprise.
  20. keybored

    AEON Mining Performance

    Is that a sustained rate or a peak rate that it hits once and then never comes back to? If it's sustained, what OS is it? Default or custom settings for xmrig?