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    Netgate TNSR New Licensing Model and Gets A Trial Edition

    Depends on what your use-case is, really. Among other things, Site-to-Site VPNs, BGP/OSPF, and traffic policies, are easier to implement in VyOS, in my opinion. One feature pfSense is severely lacking is something similar to VyOS's "commit-confirm" and a separation from the current, running...
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    Netgate TNSR New Licensing Model and Gets A Trial Edition

    If you're looking to move away from pfSense (or OPNSense, ect) and can live without a GUI, I recommend giving VyOS a spin (try one of the rolling releases for the most up-to-date version; you can always build the current stable release from source if you want as well). It is, without question...
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    AMD PSB Vendor Locks EPYC CPUs for Enhanced Security at a Cost

    Honestly, this is a really cool feature from a security standpoint. It prevents a lot of different attack vectors that are particularly hard to mitigate. As for re-use: My first thought was that AMD should have allowed for users to disable this feature (with a motherboard switch or jumper), but...
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    Which processors are obsolete due to high power consumption?

    For clarity, Xeon-D CPUs are soldered to the board; not socketed. They're generally more expensive because you're buying a "solution," one low-power board that fits all your needs, instead of buying a board with a load of PCIe slots that you can customize to your needs. That dual Xeon-D board...
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    Canada Inventec 02011G901 socket 1150/C222 $35

    A word of caution: Unless someone can confirm otherwise, I highly doubt the SAS 8087 port on this board is actually SAS. The unpopulated footprints in that area indicate on another model of this board a SAS HBA (likely the LSI 2008 or similar) would be installed with two additional 8087s. Since...
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    Dual 100gbe PCIe 4.0 x16 MCX516A-CDAT <=$450

    This was relisted by the same seller: Mellanox MCX516A-CDAT Mellanox ConnectX-5 100GbE DualPort Network Adapter QFSB28 | eBay
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    Supermicro CSE-116 10 Bay 2.5" Unpopulated Chassis w/ X10SRH-CF LGA 2011-3 $150 + S/H

    While these have 10 2.5" bays up front, you can clearly see in the pictures that they support an additional four 2.5" drives mounted inside (between the backplane and fans). As @Yarik Dot mentions, these are very similar to (and may in fact be) servers Netflix was using as massive SSD-based...
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    ESXi and HBA temps monitoring

    The Perc H310 (and all of the similar 9211 cards) don't actually generate a lot of heat. The issue is the heatsink is small since the assumption is it will be installed a in a server chassis with plenty of airflow. If you strapped a 40mm fan to the H310, I wouldn't even worry about monitoring...
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    Finally finished all the testing and ready to make then change to zfsonLinux

    ZFSonLinux has proven to be quite stable but has had very occasional hiccups with updates. The "right" way, in my opinion, to handle this is simply not to jump to the latest updates right away. Wait and see if other big users report bugs/issues.
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    Intel Xe DG1 Sampling to Developers

    The GPU space could certainly use another competitor. Nvidia has held the crown for quite some time. AMDs cards, while generally "OK" and competitive in some workloads, tend to be over-hyped and underwhelming. That, and all Nvidia needs to do to compete with AMD is simply adjust pricing. While...
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    Newbie trying to understand best practices with ZoL on RHEL

    I'm sure we agree. I was merely pointing out that Calomel's scaling issues are because of their hardware configuration, not ZFS. No RAID systems (hardware or software) scale perfectly, but ZFS's scales quite well when disk bandwidth is properly accounted for and the hardware is selected...
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    Newbie trying to understand best practices with ZoL on RHEL

    The chassis they claim the tests were run on was a SuperMicro 846 with the BPN-SAS2-846EL1 backplane connected to an LSI HBA with a single 8087 cable. 24 SATA SSDs hanging off a 24 drive SAS2 expander with only one connection to the HBA simply isn't going to produce the best results. Their...
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    Compatible Replacement Drive for ZFS Pool

    Yes, that's the backplane I was thinking of. You shouldn't have any issues with 3TB (or larger) drives on that.
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    Compatible Replacement Drive for ZFS Pool

    WD Reds, Seagate IronWolfs, or the "Pro" version of either? 512e drives should definitely work. They present 512 byte sectors to the system and should be compatible as replacement disks in your existing pool. Unless something has changed, I didn't think Norco used SAS expanders or anything that...
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    Intel DC P3520 SSDPE2MX012T7 1.2TB PCIe 3.0 NVME U.2 SSD Warranty 2022 $99.95

    I agree with @BeTeP. They are probably be using a Zener diode since using only resistors wouldn't work at all. Zener diodes generally make for terrible voltage regulators when the load varies; they can work for powering small static loads or as a cheap voltage reference, but in an adapter like...
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    Planing to buy my first server

    A few at-a-glance comments: ConnectX-3 10GbE cards are only a bit more money these days than the prior-gen ConnectX-2 cards. The ConnectX-2 cards are still great (I'm still running plenty of them), but I'm no longer buying ConnectX-2 cards going forward. Unless you're planning on installing...
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    12TB Easystore USB HDDs @ BestBuy $180

    Someone asked WD if the 12TB easystores were SMR and WD's response was neither a "yes" or a "no" and instead linked the Product Overview PDF for the easystore product line. This lead many to wrongfully assume the drives were indeed SMR and WD was trying to hide it. WD definitely sells SMR...
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    Supermicro 847 WIO Motherboard Options

    I've looked into WIO/UIO Supermicro boards in the past as well and can confirm that @frogtech is correct here. Since they are generally less desirable to the average second-hand buyer (and/or sellers don't know what they have), WIO/UIO chassis & boards are sometimes cheaper but unfortunately...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 on ebay look strange

    That's interesting! Does the mezzanine "carrier" have a part number or any sort of markings on it?
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    $499 Raritan PX3-5930V 30A 208V Outlet metered/switched 0 U PDU

    Just in case anyone is curious: Certainly usable in a home setting! Like @WeekendWarrior mentioned, a lot of 208V equipment will operate at 240V. Always check the spec sheets to make sure before purchasing...