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    Recovery of a bricked BCM57810 Dual RJ45 card

    During some troubleshooting of one of our systems at work, we applied driver and firmware updates to our Dell R530 server. One of the items updated was the Dual BCM57810 10G card. After the firmware update, the card was no longer visible in the iDrac, or in the inventory in Dell Open Manage...
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    Can you mix SAS and SATA drives in the same RAID6 Array?

    I have no experience with that specific device, but on my LSI card installed in my Cisco UCS C210 series server, I started with SATA laptop drives and one by one would mark them as offline and plop in a 600GB SAS 10k drive, and let it build while in the LSI BIOS. I think I have one of the older...
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    PFSense impersonate MAC

    My internet comes in via an RJ45 to a ISP provided "modem" that also has gigabit ports and wifi. I suspect like many it is MAC locked to that device. I would like to insert a firewall before the "modem" and was wondering if anyone had done this before? I assume the "modem" is required because...
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    Plenty cheap Intel SSD boot drives

    I've had a lot of Intel drives go out on me recently. I would make sure they all have the latest firmware on them before using them.
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    Upgrade CheckPoint 4400 cpu

    You may even be able to purchase a pre-modded Xeon on ebay for it. Socket 771 Xeon processors can be modified to work in Socket 775 systems. The chipset would drive what kind you could use. You can also modify your own system for a Xeon to fit, you just need the adapter sticker for the bottom...
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    Fan Speed Adjustment on 48 Port SMC Tigerstack II

    I picked up a cheap SMC TigerStack II with 48 ports and it had the 10G card installed in the back but the SFP slot was broken so that part doesn't work. When it powers up, the fans go to about 85% for 10 or 15 seconds, then about 25% for 10 or 15 seconds, and then settle at 100% at idle. I was...
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    Coyote Point Equalizer e370lx insides?

    Ok I managed to get it really quickly. And I have an answer to my question. It's a rebadged Lanner device. Cost-effective Network Security Appliance | FW-7582 | Lanner It's that device but without the LCD and though it has a slot on the back for a card, it isn't fitted with the PCIe...
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    Need some help installing pfsense or opnsense on HP T620 Plus [RESOLVED]

    Sounds like a UEFI/Legacy issue. Some OSes will choose for you what mode and if your bios is not in that mode it won't work. See if theres an option to switch between UEFI and Legacy (also known as CSM).
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    Coyote Point Equalizer e370lx insides?

    Anyone know what's inside one of these? They appear to have a slot plate on the back for a full height card horizontally. They came out in 2013. I've got one on order since I got a really good deal on one. I'm hoping x86 in a socket. All I can find out is a dual core processor and either 40 or...
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    3Ware 9550SX-4LP Firmware update needed

    This card was installed in a F5 Networks Big-IP 4500 WebAccellerator that I picked up on Ebay for $35 with Free Shipping. It's a headless system but I can get in the serial console and can boot linux from a hard drive installed on the onboard SATA. There seems to be an issue with the card...
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    Recovering a Packeteer Packetshaper 6500

    I have considered that. I have a Wyse terminal that is essentially a full PC in a tiny formfactor that would fit inside.
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    Recovering a Packeteer Packetshaper 6500

    I have considered that. I have a Wyse terminal that is essentially a full PC in a tiny formfactor that would fit inside.
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    Recovering a Packeteer Packetshaper 6500

    As absolutely my last resort I would ask for someone at the company. We used them but do not manage them directly. We are allowed to watch but not change anything so basically it makes for a cool display of the pie charts moving back and forth as traffic ebbs and flows.
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    Recovering a Packeteer Packetshaper 6500

    Ok now I'm pretty sure they didn't wipe it because I pulled the drive and flash card and they have a file system with HTM files for the web interface. So looks like I need to investigate other things.
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    Recovering a Packeteer Packetshaper 6500

    Yes, but I would like to at least get something working on it since we use these at work. If absolutely not able to get Packetwise OS reloaded. I may end up trying bump up the ram to 1GB and try to get PFSense on it. However having access to the stats and graphs that Packetwise gives you would...
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    Recovering a Packeteer Packetshaper 6500

    I picked up a Packetshaper 6500 for what I thought was a good deal for $25. I had assumed with was 2007/2008 vintage, but turns out it was built in 2001. It has a Socket 370 processor, 30GB IDE drive, 16MB compact flash and 64MB ram. It does not boot up because I think the previous owner...
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    Reusing DRAC or ILO boards?

    Yes. I'm trying to do this on the cheap. The spiders still run $350-ish a piece used that I've seen.
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    Reusing DRAC or ILO boards?

    Has anyone managed to get any PCI or PCI Express based DRAC/iDRAC/HP-ILO (or other) boards working in any capacity in a system in which they were not intended? Many of the older boards are cheap on the used market but some interface over a secondary bus as well as the PCI or PCI Express bus...