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    Killing Time

    My wife is a stay at home mom and I moved to work from home about 18 months ago so not much has changed for me other than the short humans are here a lot more. The only thing is we had a sewer leak in the slab under the kitchen cabinets in February that necessitated removing most of the base...
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    NTP server on different subnet help!

    Does pfsense have a route to Nevermind, You posted while I was typing. I'm not a pfsense expert but could it be that you need a rule to allow the server access to NTP since pfsense doesn't have an interface on that subnet?
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    NTP server on different subnet help!

    That gateway isn't on the same network as the host address so that's one problem.
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    Sophos UTM v XG or something else....

    Personally, I prefer UTM as long you are under the 50 IP limit. Also, look into using OpenDNS. There are two free options that provide an extra layer by filtering at the DNS level. First option is just use their public DNS servers as upstream and it will block adult sites. Second free option...
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    MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+IN Review 4-Port Must-Have 10GbE Switch

    Does anyone know the answer to this one? I think everything else has been addressed elsewhere but I'm very interested in this before purchasing one.
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    How Does Microsoft ID Motherboard for Windows 10 Upgrade

    I built a new Windows 10 test vm a month or so ago and it activated just fine.
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    How Does Microsoft ID Motherboard for Windows 10 Upgrade

    Don’t even have to install the previous version first. You can still activate windows 10 with the old key.
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    One big home server or several small ones?

    Put me in the single server camp as well. I've had a 3 node vsphere cluster running Starwind for SAN storage and doing maintenance was a massive headache. I'm down to one "prod" esx server and running FreeNAS virtualized for NAS duties. I do have one lab server where I can move everything to...
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    Anyone know of a PoE hub (4 port+) that itself is powered by uplink PoE link?

    How much power are you planning to draw on the downstream ports? Do you need 1g or is 10/100 sufficient?
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    What to do with a Cisco FPR-2110

    I have a Cisco FPR-2110 as a "freebie" thrown in on a Cisco order at work but it only has the base Firepower license. So, I'm trying to figure out what to do with this fairly powerful piece of hardware since I can't do any of the fancy IPS, URL filtering, or malware protection policies without...
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    Seeking monitor and resolution opinions

    I'm thinking I need to stick with 2 monitors at normal HD resolution and just go up in panel size so maybe I don't have to zoom or up scale as much.
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    Seeking monitor and resolution opinions

    Thanks for the suggestion. That's an interesting thought but at typical desk sizes and keyboard distances wouldn't that mean a lot of head turning to see the whole screen? Maybe I'm thinking about it wrong. Also, I will be expensing this for work and not sure how my AP department will look at...
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    Seeking monitor and resolution opinions

    I'm needing to purchase a new monitor(s) to work from home. I am very near-sighted and have very bad astigmatism neither of which are totally correctable. I also now need reading glasses for almost anything within arms length. Right now at the office I use two cheapo ViewSonic 27" monitors at...
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    Homelab VMware backup options

    I haven't tried yet. That would be very umm inconvenient if true.
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    As an IT professional with 20+ years of experience that has interviewed candidates for several positions from entry to senior level I would say that WANg is pretty spot on. I started in IT back in 1992 with a local mom and pop computer store assembling computers and eventually being sent out on...
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    eBay Sitewide: 15% Off Min. Purchase $25 (Max. Discount $100) STARTS 08/28

    I just used it for different items from two sellers. It took 15% off the total.
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    FS: 16GB DDR3 RDIMMs, Intel X520-DA2, E5-2600v1

    These are all working pulls or are in use now. Some I have used in my home lab for a couple years. Shipping will be USPS from 72032 to CONUS. Paypal preferred. 31 x Hynix HMT42GR7GMR4C-G7 16GB 4Rx4 PC3-8500R (SOLD) 19 x Samsung M393B2K70CM0-CF8Q5 16GB 4Rx4 PC3-8500R (SOLD) 1 x Intel X520-DA2...
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    Best Bootable dvd image

    I've used Ultimate Boot CD in the past for many things. It'll probably do what you need.
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    Buying appliances as servers?

    I did this with some Nexus 1010 appliances. I forget which C series they were but under the hood they were standard Xeon CPU and DDR3 ECC RAM. I even added the second CPU and more RAM and used them as ESXi compute nodes. The only problem I had was adding PCIe cards caused the fans to ramp up...