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    Nice Deal $28 - Adaptec ASR-71605 PCI-E 3.0 x8 16 Port SAS Controller

    I'm not even sure you need HBA mode, I think you just need to uninitialize the drives. Then they automatically enter passthrough mode. Note that the most current version of MaxView is not compatible with this card. I use 2.05.00/22932 from 2017. It runs hot, but not unusually so. I have a 1000...
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    Reclaimed 10TB SAS 4Kn Enterprise hard drives - $145

    Quick update on the 6TB Seagate 'Like New' drives I bought from CDW: they're under warranty until 2025. Seagate said to ignore anything after the 8th digit when you're running them by the warranty checker. So, yeah. Pretty happy about this.
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    Reclaimed 10TB SAS 4Kn Enterprise hard drives - $145

    EDIT: To avert confusion, I'm talking about Seagate Exos 7e8 6TB drives purchased from CDW, not the 10TB model from an EBay vendor. I'd appreciate that. Seagate hides everything behind the serial number checker. You can't even send an email unless your number is valid. My stress test for these...
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    Reclaimed 10TB SAS 4Kn Enterprise hard drives - $145

    So, they arrived. Good: Zero hours, late 2019 manufacturing. So-so: All the drives were individually packed (good) and tossed in a large box with inadequate filler (bad). Three were in torn anti-static bags (ok). Three had no bags (bad). Bad: Seagate's warranty checker reports all the serial...
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    Reclaimed 10TB SAS 4Kn Enterprise hard drives - $145

    I bought six of the 6TB Seagate linked above. Gave up after getting clapped-out used drives from other vendors with high uncorrected error counts. TBD if they have any hours, warranty, etc.
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    Seagate ST6000NM0074 6TB 7.2k 12Gb/s SAS SED Internal Hard Drive HOT DEAL!

    Has anyone tried converting these drives to 512B sectors? I was happy to discover the four I bought work with my Adaptec 7-series RAID card, but because they're formatted with 4K sectors, I can't add them to an existing array based on 512B drives. This is what the drives report...
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    Small shoutout to Crashplan

    I had a disk failure recently that required restoring 6TB over a few hundred thousand files from Crashplan SMB. Prior to this point, I'd just done some cursory testing with a handful of files to ensure I could do it at all, but didn't seriously test speeds. So the restore starts and it's going...
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    HPE Microserver Gen8 still viable?

    I've realized I need a NAS to back up my file server. Small size and low noise are worth a premium because it'll be sitting in a relative's house. Remote access is important. Performance isn't (for now); the only thing it'll have to run is Windows Server 2019 (ideally) and Resilio Sync (which...
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    NVMe Adapter on HP DL380 Gen8 Server Couple of cards with that chipset. All around $300, max 3.0x8.
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    NAS overhaul for SMB Direct

    I think PrimoCache is what I'm looking for. I swapped the 78165 back in and added a 970 Pro 512 GB on a 4X adapter and another 16GB RAM. Set the RAM to a write cache and much of the 970 to a 60/40 R/W split. From the remote machine, I mapped the RAID as write-though to skip SMB caching...
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    Is This A Good Deal (Seagate 7E8 4TB) ?

    Can't speak to that one, but I'm seeing 6TB SAS drives on EBay US for $80 or less.
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    NAS overhaul for SMB Direct

    An update on this-- I upgraded the RAID controller to an 8885Q. No change in performance (and none expected). I added 4 x 200GB Hitachi SSD1600MM drives in R1E as a MaxCache 3.0 device and assigned it to the array. Significant improvements in random IO, no change in sequential. Not my use case...
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    Compact Micro-ATX case

    That Phenom M was my server case until two days ago. Crammed 6 drives into it. I thought the build quality was decent, but it was totally inapropos for that configuration. For ease of building and heat management, I'm partial to cube cases with an upward-facing motherboard layout. My desktop...
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    NAS overhaul for SMB Direct

    The Evo is just the OS drive, I never read or write anything to it. (The comment about sharing it was just to temporarily benchmark how poor the IOPS are over a network without RDMA. Write endurance isn’t nearly high enough for consistent caching.) Optane is an interesting thought...
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    NAS overhaul for SMB Direct

    As above, the idea is to write to an SSD cache, not to the array directly. I'm under the impression MaxCache 3+ and CacheCade 2 allow this. SMB Direct is the solution I'm pursuing to the latency problem. I've no idea how plug-and-play it would be or the most appropriate NICs. Any thoughts on...
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    NAS overhaul for SMB Direct

    My 'Windows Features' item list in Win10 1903 has the 'SMB Direct' box checked. No way to check if it works without the right cards, though. Running Server as a desktop OS would be possible, but IME, creates hassles with desktop programs that check the Windows version.
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    NAS overhaul for SMB Direct

    I'm looking for a sanity check on a plan to upgrade my server. This is what I have: E3-1270V2 3.5 Ghz Supermicro X9SCM-F 2 x 8 GB DDR3 850 Evo 500GB (OS) Adaptec 78165 RAID HBA 6 x 6 TB 7200 RPM Hitachi He6 in RAID-6 Intel X540-T2 10Gb/s Server 2019 I'm frequently moving tens of thousands of...
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    Poor RAID-6 performance with Adaptec 7-series

    SATA drives, yes. The controller has 4 breakout cables, each with 4 ports. Each cable is a connector. I don't think I can test drive speeds on the board directly without risking a rebuild, I've no reason to believe the drives are atypical. Not into RAID-5, rebuild times on this array are about...
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    Poor RAID-6 performance with Adaptec 7-series

    I have this 6 x 6TB RAID-6 with this configuration: Windows 10 Pro 1803 Intel X3450 Supermicro X8SIL-F 2 x 8GB DDR3 ECC Adaptec ASR-78165 RAID HBA (White label) WD Red Pro 6 TB 7200 RPM x 5 (White label) Hitachi He6 6TB 7200 RPM x 1 It's 72% full. This is what I'm seeing: CPU was at 5%...
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    Fusion-IO as a gaming drive?

    Nice. I was concerned mostly about getting drivers for Windows 10. Also, this system will have OSX on another drive for a dual-boot. Any idea if the drive will work in that environment?