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    EXPIRED Seagate Exos x16 16tb 12Gb/s SAS $349 Daily deal

    Check this out on @Newegg: Seagate Exos X16 16TB Enterprise HDD 12Gb/s SAS 512e/4Kn 7200 RPM 256MB Cache 3.5" Internal Hard Drive ST16000NM002G - OEM Seagate Exos X16 16TB Enterprise HDD 7200 RPM 3.5" - Promo code 93XQN79 expires 11:59pm PST time
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    EXPIRED 18Tb ultrastar WD $385

    JGC this is full enterprise drive 7200rpm not de-rated 5400-5900rpm shuck I buy those too. This one you get the five year warranty. Shucks voided warranty generally. Or you have to buy square-trade to re-warranty. For drive density this is the best price I’ve seen in the 18Tb.
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    1.2TB - P3600 - $147-$155 + $15 shipping, NEW!

    Why are we flying U.2 spy planes in our servers?.
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    EXPIRED 18Tb ultrastar WD $385

    Bhphoto has daily deal on 18Tb WD ultrastar Expires eastern time zone
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    AsRock Rack X470D4U $199 @ Newegg

    Hulk smash the Noctua in place....
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    AsRock Rack X470D4U $199 @ Newegg

    New deal code is : 23bkfcym295
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    Lowes in the server business?

    Could be. It could also be some of the specialty home builder group are buying them for new home builds. I could see this as a premium home option for 5K dollars listed in new home builds.
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    Lowes in the server business?

    Was browsing for different sellers on a Supermicro E301-9d-8CN8TP this came up. I can get behind this type of home improvement now if only the hardware section held more...
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    New Fujitsu D3348-B23 Motherboard (LGA2011-3), $200 OBO ($140 accepted), Ebay

    Rename to file BUP it’s probably the same as rom just different for this board. I had same problem on my EVGA board file type didn’t match. Renaming file worked fine. But maybe it won’t work... doesn’t hurt to try.
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    SOLD: i7-4790k / Z97X Mobo / 32GB DDR3 / 4U Chassis / 600W PSU

    GLWS Its a nice setup you got if buyer takes all of it its a great deal if your local.
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    Dead[US]Group buy? Supermicro H11dsi-O dual Epyc motherboard [Global ?] Dead

    Nobody really seemed sold on it so I didn’t look any further. Pricing I’m sure has changed, I would have to recheck, and at this point I would be more interested in the H12’s as PCI4 is emerging on more items.
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    [GONE][US-CA] rack console (FREE)

    I’m down to pick this up
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    12TB WD Elements $175 w/Prime

    Would be interested in what the specs say on the box do they have any difference in rpm or buffer?
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    FS: Lots of fanless, embedded, and/or low power PC/network appliances (ideal for pfSense or the likes)

    I thought about taking that one but wanted a closer hardware match to the Lanner that I have already got about month or two ago.
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    FS: Lots of fanless, embedded, and/or low power PC/network appliances (ideal for pfSense or the likes)

    Bump and update. As he promised to hold them I paid and he instantly put in tracking number another smooth transaction thanks Blue.
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    700lbs of servers in $700

    Yeah but while I can't be sure about the HP's can't the same motherboard move to E7v4's many of the supermicro board can go to a v3 v4 making it a bit more like a truck stop bathroom just washed down with a tanker of bleach. So fresh it hurts your eyes to look. Still a value at $720 (Best...
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    18TB Hard Drive for under $500

    Maybe they are cracking these things open and selling them for 80-90 bucks mark up after the guy slaps what ever lable over the WD.
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    ASRock Rack TRX40D8-2N2T Bringing AMD Threadripper to Servers

    Update on this board. I talked to rep they currently have lead time of 3 or so weeks and Pricing is around the $590 mark.
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    12TB WD Elements $175 w/Prime

    So you saying by the time I get them from Amazon they are going to be SMR and Binder from futurama has corrupted it with a night out on the town?
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    Two PCIe SSDs (3.2TB & 1.6TB)

    Maybe a dumb question but kinda related to this post. if the drive is PCIe but in 2.5 factor is it backwards compatable with Sata you just don't get the Full PCI bandwidth so its either a 6Gb Sata or if its in 12Gb sas? or it just doesn't work