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    W10: Storage Space Problem after Windows Update

    Sorry man, I see this topic today only. You solved your problem? I'm ask because I have a ISO in pt-br (yes, I'm from Brazil) before codes **** assigned... I'm talking to MSDN 2015 ISO on my backups.
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    Can somebody explain this stupidness to me?

    You have a DNS? Or use google, cloudflare, opendns or another?
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    Can somebody explain this stupidness to me?

    Your TrueNAS stay on the domain? or then is a FreeBSD (truenas) or Linux (truenas core) machine without domain? I ask because your image have a lot of disks (or letters) and I think you use truenas to manage your disks and for every permissions you probably use the WD2012... I wrong? You has...
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    JunOS Download

    Hi Everyone. I'm from Brazil and I gained a EX2200 for my homelab... in Brazil it's out of the ordinary to think of winning something like this, it's rare for them to go to waste like this, , generally speaking, they are used until they burn out or stop working. I've been following STH for some...