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  1. DavidWJohnston

    WD DC HC530 4Kn not detected with LSI SAS2008 IT or LSI SAS3224 HBA

    I believe the problem is those are AF Advanced Format 4kn (4K sector size) drives which are not compatible with older RAID cards. See this article: There is a...
  2. DavidWJohnston

    Issue with LAN routing when using VPNs

    Using the same subnet for a VPN (TUN mode) will probably not make things easier, because now you have devices holding IPs in the same subnet but in different broadcast domains. One issue with a setup like this is ARPs - Since they are not in the same broadcast domain, ARP IP-to-MAC resolution...
  3. DavidWJohnston

    Looking for Cable - Does it exist?

    Not sure that connector exists, these appear to be the potential types: Maybe try one of those side exit, or get the straight one and cut away at the plastic and strain relief until you can bend the wires at a sharp angle the way you need.
  4. DavidWJohnston

    Bridging Ethernet Ports in Virtualized Firewall on ESXI

    I'm glad you got it working. Using jumbo frames might improve the speed. It also sounds like you might benefit from RSS (Receive-Side Scaling) - This creates multiple queues for receiving packets, and distributes the load across cores. If you're using VMXNET3 NICs and have more than one vCPU...
  5. DavidWJohnston

    [Solved] One way routing through VLANs and L3 switches - Brocade ICX7150

    I'm glad it's helpful for people, lots of us have this type of network, all with their own unique attributes. Sure I can answer your other questions. Routing on its own does not NAT; the source IP of the packet stays original all the way through its routing hops. For DHCP, you generally use a...
  6. DavidWJohnston

    Bridging Ethernet Ports in Virtualized Firewall on ESXI

    IIUC what you want to do is this: [10G Switch]--[TrueNAS Primary]--[TrueNAS Backup]--[Spare] - So daisy-chain the backup thru the primary to a physical switch port, and the backup box will have an empty port. Note that using software bridging and promisc mode like this will cause higher CPU...
  7. DavidWJohnston

    Network Setup Help

    I think all you need to do is add an interface (NIC) for LAN B in pfSense A, then add a static route for LAN A in pfSense B. This does require a free NIC on pfSense A. If there isn't one, you'll have to add it. If A and B are the same IP range (ex. both 192.168.0.x) then this won't work. To...
  8. DavidWJohnston

    [Solved] One way routing through VLANs and L3 switches - Brocade ICX7150

    Yes, that is the normal way to do it - Use your L3 switch interfaces as the default gateway for all your devices, which does inter-VLAN routing, and create a default route on your L3 switch to forward everything else upstream to your next router towards the internet. Routing decisions always...
  9. DavidWJohnston

    [Solved] One way routing through VLANs and L3 switches - Brocade ICX7150

    There are mechanisms like UPnP, mDNS and RAs for IPv6, dynamic routing protocols, GPOs, etc but I don't think any of that is what you really want. DHCP and static is the way to go. Maybe consider using DHCP reservations. For most permanent important servers, I manually set them. On transitory...
  10. DavidWJohnston

    [Solved] One way routing through VLANs and L3 switches - Brocade ICX7150

    Ok cool so routing is working now that's good. That's strange you can ping your DNS server but not resolve from it. Maybe try dig from the command like this: dig myname.local Where is the IP of the DNS server to use for resolution and myname.local is the name you're trying to...
  11. DavidWJohnston

    [Solved] One way routing through VLANs and L3 switches - Brocade ICX7150

    There's a lot going on here but I think there are a couple of major issues: - If your gateway has its LAN connection only on the subnet, is it configured/allowed to route stuff coming in from 10.0.0.x? Does the gateway have a static route pointing back to 10.0.0.x for the return...
  12. DavidWJohnston

    Rant about stuff that don't do as I would like them to... storage, backup, docker

    Everything you want is possible, except the last item (ease of management out-of-box for someone who isn't you) might be harder than you think. The "just work out of box" part might be nearly impossible - it doesn't matter how many things you try, or screenshots of GUIs you look at, IT never...
  13. DavidWJohnston

    100Gb for the home... ConnectX-4 vs. -5 vs. Onmi-path?

    The CWDM4s do heat up and the cards absolutely require airflow. I run desktop cases for my servers, and I put a 140mm fan above my PCIe card bank set at a low (silent) RPM and that works perfectly. So you need air movement, but not that much. Larger fans running slow will always be quieter. I...
  14. DavidWJohnston

    100Gb for the home... ConnectX-4 vs. -5 vs. Onmi-path?

    I run 100G with a Celestica Seastone DX010 and a mix of CX4s and HP-branded QLogic Fastlinq 45000s, and a bunch of 10G stuff. Both have worked well, CX4s are way more common so that's what I'd recommend. Sometimes they arrive from eBay in InfiniBand mode, and there is a simple command-line tool...
  15. DavidWJohnston

    Database Use Cases - At Home Experience

    I run Arkime (network traffic collection) on my WANs, which creates a huge amount of metadata for IP flows. You could do the same, and write a script to extract a bunch of this metadata and put it into a SQL database using a schema of your own design. This could be cool because you could run...
  16. DavidWJohnston

    Supermicro H11SSW-NT BIOS upgrade failed no post/black screen

    Can you still access the IPMI web interface? If so, did you try the flashing again, or try the 1.0a version that's also on the downloads page? If you can't access the IPMI, the interface may have switched back to DHCP and it's listening on a different IP. Use a network scanner like nmap/zenmap...
  17. DavidWJohnston

    Proxmox, ConnectX-3 QSFP+ to SFP+

    Your plan should work, though I have not tried this exact combination. Your NICs appear to specify 10G/40G capability so they should link at 10G just fine. The DAC looks like a good choice. Personally, I have done the opposite - Using a QSFP+ to SFP+ adapter in a switch in 4x10G breakout mode...
  18. DavidWJohnston

    Noob question on L3 switch routing

    "... having the switch route inter-VLAN traffic to a VLAN router and internet traffic to the firewall" OK I mis-read your second diagram, I thought the .222 default gateway for all the devices was the VM - But it's actually the L3 switch - So yes that would still have asymmetric routing. Return...
  19. DavidWJohnston

    OPNsense + L3 switches and multiple subnets - Best practise setup?

    I replied to a similar question in another post, which still has active conversation - Could you take a look, and see if it answers any of your questions: If you still have questions, I'll do my best to...
  20. DavidWJohnston

    Noob question on L3 switch routing

    Not sure about dnsmasq, but a quick Google search reveals there is a dhcpd admin module in the webmin framework: There's also this GTK package in Ubuntu: