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    The Versatile SAS3008 Chipset: My Vendor Crossflashing Adventures

    Try my package: I have backup.
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    The Versatile SAS3008 Chipset: My Vendor Crossflashing Adventures

    Here is my latest package for Fujitsu D3307 PRAID CP400i card. @BLinux Are you The Art of Server guy? I wonder if you have time to do some tests. You have the Supermicro controllers on your eBay store with older firmware. sas3flash.exe -list Avago Technologies SAS3 Flash Utility Version...
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    SanDisk CloudSpeed ECO Gen II 1.92TB @ 125$

    @hmartin did you try a different SATA/SAS controller? These drives have compatibility issues.
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    ASUS Z10PA-D8 - Dual Socket 2011-3

    @alffx Have you programmer like CH341? You can try modifying the latest BIOS with pre-Meltdown/Spectre microcodes.
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    EU FS: Xeon Gold 6138

    Xeon Gold 6138 is back in the Czech Republic. I am sick right now (not COVID-19, flu season just started), I will start a new sale thread later. Where is option to close thread?
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    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    I don't think so. I have modules with the same part number from another source produced in late 2017 and it work smoothly. Faulty modules came from local datacenter, working modules from this Greek guy. I have Asus Z10PA-D8 and lot of Haswell/Broadwell Xeons. faulty PN: M393A4K40CB1-CRC4Q...
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    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    Be careful when you buying 1st generation 32 GB DDR4 Samsung M393A4K40BB1-CRCxxx from spring 2016! 80% of RAMs can pass Memtest Pro, however, it generates 1-bit corrected error. This testing one by one is killing me. Result summary Test Start Time 2020-08-27 02:04:56 Elapsed Time 23:31:09...
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    [WTB] Looking for 2690 v2

    I have one which will be available in September. I live in Europe (Czech Republic), cheapest shipping option will cost ~20 USD with up to 30 days shipping.:(
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    WTB: Memory Storage/Shipping Trays

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    EU WTB: Supermicro X10SL7-F, X10SLH-F, X10SLM-F, X10SLL-F or similar

    I have 4x 8 GB PC3-14900E (Elpida EBJ81EG8BFWB-JS-F), so I want to buy just board. Which payment method you prefer? You have X10SLL+-F, right? Could you please check pcb revision?
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    EU WTB: Supermicro X10SL7-F, X10SLH-F, X10SLM-F, X10SLL-F or similar

    @Rand__ Are you sure? Broadwell-H support is mentioned on Supermicro site and the latest BIOS contains Broadwell microcode.
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    EU WTB: Supermicro X10SL7-F, X10SLH-F, X10SLM-F, X10SLL-F or similar

    Hello, Looking for some uATX LGA1150 board from Supermicro. It must support Broadwell (have Xeon E3-1265L v4) and two PCIe slots with CPU lanes or one PCIe slot with CPU lanes and onboard SAS (X10SL7-F). I would like to try to enable PCIe bifurcation and connect two NVMe SSDs. Don't need...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 on ebay look strange

    @kagurazakakotori Could you buy one OCP2-Pcie (model with fan hole) and resend it to me?
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    10GB read speeds, not so great write speeds

    Try to install Windows 10 Pro for Workstations. This edition has some LAN optimizations like SMB direct and RDMA.
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    10GB read speeds, not so great write speeds

    Set PCIe Maximum Payload Size to 4096 and PCIe Read Request to 512 or maximal values (if these options are available in BIOS). Both options are mentioned on the Mellanox guide and Intel Maximum Throughput for Memory Writes. I have same experience with NVMe SSD on Supermicro X9 series...
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    SFP+, SFP28, some AOC and DAC specifications and official NIC compatibility list

    Hi there, I just start working on model list with official speed and NIC compatibility confirmed by vendors. When will be done, I will post a table to the STH forum. There will be mentioned acquisitions (Broadcom was purchased Avago etc.). Any suggestions? I can test some combination with...
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    1U Supermicro Server 6x 10GBE RJ45 X10SLH-LN6TF LGA 1150 H3 X10SLH-N6-ST031

    No, you can't enable bifurcation, because 16 CPUs lanes are split by PLX 8747 multiplexer and x4x4x8x8x8 combination is not mentioned in the product brief. As I know, Haswell generation supports x8x8 or x8x4x4 bifurcation options (designed for 2-way SLI or 3-way CrossFire). However cheap...
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    New Dell M14MK SFP28-10G-25G-85C (AFBR-725ADMZ-FT1) for XXV710, $99 Dual rate transceiver with guaranteed compatibility with XXV710 - mentioned in datasheets. The seller accepted 65 USD for an opened transceiver. A good alternative for: Cisco SFP-10/25G-LR-S (SM, 0-70 °C), Intel E25GSFP28SR 10G/25GBASE-SR (= Hisense...