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    New Dell S5416 16x Intel Xeon System for Scale-Up SAP HANA TDI

    This is fascinating stuff. In the Web/Tech industry, we are by now much more used to scale-out solutions (and our workloads scale well on those), but there are certainly workloads that benefit from the massive with-system bandwidth that you get in a scale-up solution. What does surprise me is...
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    Malina: 6x Raspberry Pi CM4 compute cluster

    That would indeed be interesting: PCIe 2.0 x1 is 500 Mbyte/s full duplex, so a 2.5 Gbe switch would be a feasible improvement. 5 Gbe would be pushing it, and 10 Gbe is more than the link can saturate. Also, in my case, Ceph is not very friendly on these small CPUs. Interestingly, in contrast...
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    Malina: 6x Raspberry Pi CM4 compute cluster

    Build’s Name: Malina (meaning "Raspberry" in various Slavic languages) Operating System/ Storage Platform: Plain Debian 11 plus LXD and Ceph CPU: 6x ARM Cortex-A72 Motherboard: DeskPi Super6C Chassis: SuperMicro SuperChassis 510T-203B Drives: 6x WD Red SN700 (1000 GB, M.2 2280) RAM: 6x 8GB...
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    Supermicro X13SAE-F W680 Motherboard Mini-Review

    And how about the reverse: Does this motherboard allow one to use a processor with a GPU, and then use both the IPMI and the GPU at the same time (e.g., for Plex pass-through), such as for example on many of the X**-**H-F motherboards?
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    A 6x 2.5GbE Intel Pentium N6005 Fanless OPNsense pfSense Firewall Option

    I like the fact that it has an external COM port. Do these NICs support PTPv2? Is so, then even though 2.5Gbe is overkill, a simple serial GPS with PPS, and dedicated PTPv2 links to your few servers, and you have a cheap solution that will keep your servers within 1-10 μs of each other. A...
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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    I naturally gravitated towards this topic, since one of my X11SSH-F boards seems to have given up the ghost. IIUC, the X13SAZ-F will support ECC RAM, and it has a proper server airflow orientation for the RAM slots. This might be an interesting combination; I'd never thought I'd run a server...
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    UK Micron 5300 Pro 7.68 TB - GBP 549.95 w/ free S/H GBP 549.95 (~$724.26) with free shipping. Mainly posting this to keep myself from buying these... :p
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    16 Sockets for $840 + free shipping

    "We strongly recommend hedging you purchase with a stock package for your energy company" XD
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    Multi-pair fiber from equipment room to office through narrow conduit

    Thanks for your answers; I decided to get my hands on a short MTP cable to just try whether it fits, because indeed it is smaller than I thought. I'll let you know.
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    Multi-pair fiber from equipment room to office through narrow conduit

    I'll be moving house, and I decided to do things "right", networking wise, for once. I willhave an equipment room in which I will put my rack that contains servers, a workstation, switches, UPS, etc. From there, 4 conduits already exist, in which (probable) Cat 5e cable is currently laid, with...
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    The QNAP QSW-M5216-1T is a 16-port Desktop 25GbE Switch

    Why would you do this to me; you realize that this means I am going to have to spend money, again, right? :D
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    Any reason I shouldn't buy an LSI 9400-16i?

    A very late reply, but since I have seen some of these on eBay again: Does anyone have experience with running NVMe drives off of these (the third mode in "tri-mode"). Can one, for each on for the 2 (or 4, depending on the card), choose whether to use it for either SAS/SATA, or for NVMe? Does...
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    Proxmox VE just added vTPM to their testing channel - and Windows 11 works

    Scratch that: It is possible to install Windows 11 with the latest VirtIO 0.1.204 ISO in the second "CD drive": Good: This was just an experiment, and I will delete this VM again. I do have a valid Windows 10 Pro key, so now I will be looking into getting a properly activated on my current...
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    Proxmox VE just added vTPM to their testing channel - and Windows 11 works

    Although this has not yet made it to be default release channel, if you subscribe to their pve-no-subscription repository, you'll get a software vTPM that you can pass to virtual machines. Also, now when you add an EFI disk to a VM, it's allow you to pre-enroll the default set of vendor...
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    Toshiba N300 18TB NAS Hard Drives Use FC-MAMR

    The 1e-14 UBER does not sit terribly well with me; these disks contain ~1.5e+14 bits, which means 1 bit per drive. This is a problem when using these as single drives. That said, using these with redundancy with bit-rot aware storage systems such as ZFS should be rather safe; the probability of...
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    Upgrading a DIY NAS using a Thunderbolt PCIe card

    Thanks for trying this; I have a "server" motherboard (X11SRL-F) in my workstation, because it's in a rack, as I wanted the proper airflow and IPMI. I have been considering thunderbolt, but then with a long fiber thunderbolt "cable" there have a quiet office away from the noisy rack. I guess...
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    Proxmox VE 7.0 has been released

    I did not see any stories on the front page or in the forum, so I will do my citizenship duty here: Proxmox VE 7.0 has been released. From the article: What’s new in Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.0 This major release brings a large set of new enhancements: Ceph Pacific 16.2: Proxmox Virtual...
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    "Embruddock" gets an upgrade

    Just a simple upgrade, but it made my day anyway. My old workstation "Embruddock" (yes, all my system names are inspired by the Helliconia trilogy) was getting a bit long in the tooth, and so I decided to go for an upgrade. My requirements were: RDIMM support. Good single-thread performance...
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    EXPIRED SanDisk Smart Storage Optimus Ascend TXA2D2 800GB - 60 GBP

    FWIW, I got my three drives, and they are the correct type. Looking good: [4114986.182222] scsi 0:0:7:0: Direct-Access SmrtStor TXA2D20800GA6001 HZ00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 6 [4114986.182526] scsi 0:0:7:0: SSP: handle(0x0010), sas_addr(0x5001173100165795), phy(7), device_name(0x5001173100165794)...
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    EXPIRED SanDisk Smart Storage Optimus Ascend TXA2D2 800GB - 60 GBP

    ...aaaaand it's gone. I hope some of you managed to get some.