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    Where's the love for Windows 7?

    Going back to the HTPC thing. My NAS stores all of my media. Due to the age of the NAS (Atom D525), all media management eg capture, processing, organisation, serving etc. is done via containers on another machine. The one dedicated HTPC I have is running open-elec, all other media devices...
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    186Foot 10gig ethernet COPPER help!

    Do you have to use the SFP's? I would recommend either using fibre or a proper 10Gig copper port which is better able to handle the power requirements for such a run.
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    ROG Dominus Extreme

    I mean.... Isn't that essentially what embedded systems are? :p
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    ROG Dominus Extreme

    Anandtech did an article on it: here Aside from that, it looks like it's going to be ridiculous!
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    PMS 4.0...PMS 5.0...PMS 6.0...No PMS 7.0! Plex/Storage server upgrade [PICS]

    You're getting it cheap too.... AU$340 per 16GB stick, $650 for a 32 stick...
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    Who is the fraud, Unifi or Citron research?

    Guys, this thread has devolved from fact based information to opinionated BS and personal attacks that bring nothing to the table. @Patrick Could you close this thread please?
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    Where To start ?

    I'd be very happy to have a single or double drop in every non-wetzone room. As it is, I'm piping audio/video around my home on wifi / powerline (renting) which isn't cutting it for my personal Plex setup with housemates in their own rooms without being transcoded down (though I am running 4k...
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    Where To start ?

    Ok, that's a different kettle of fish. You'll be able to get by with either a single or dual Epyc 7371 machine, it will easily have the Cores and frequency you'll be looking for. Plus plenty of PCIe lanes for Storage & networking cards.
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    Where To start ?

    Boiling everything down. This is all a financial liability, not an investment. It doesn't provide an ROI, nor will it ever. This stuff requires maintenance, tweaking, balancing, human intervention, a working understanding of relatively high end virtualisation and networking infrastructure...
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    Where To start ?

    I'm not trying to annoy you btw, just being realistic regarding the average punter looking to buy a house. What you're doing is putting in a very high-end, very niche networking solution which for the vast vast majority of people is not something they will use, have the knowledge of what it...
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    Why are AMD RX 580 and RX 590 everywhere now online?

    Well the RX 590 only just came out in the past couple of weeks and is supposed to be a price-performer against the GTX1060. I assume the marketing push is because it's a brand new product. That said, it's just a recycled/upclocked RX 580 / RX 480 so it's quite old technology just marketed as new.
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    Where To start ?

    None of this will add to the value of your home. Wiring up your home with ports/cables might, but even then it's highly unlikely to do much more than what a coat of paint would.
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    Epyc in AM4

    My thought process was that the TR series was exactly this Workstation based cut down EPYC market sector, gobs of RAM, just needs to simplify the NUMA layout or use a singular high GHz 8C die
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    Sugon Nebula Phase Change Immersion Cooling a Unique Platform

    Always interesting to see systems that bring this kind of thing into play, also very curious to find out what sort of cost savings it would bring at scale.
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    10G write speed for ZFS filer

    Would you benefit from 9k jumboframes?
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    100K Miles November 15 2018

    Goal for 2020 - Only 75k
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    Intel Xeon E-2100 Series Launch SKUs and Value Analysis

    All of the above at 4-8 cores I suppose. Thinking "Bang for Buck" like a recommended "Serve the home recommended home server" kinda thing.
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    Intel Xeon E-2100 Series Launch SKUs and Value Analysis

    I'd love to see some comparisons between the E-2100 chips and some of the low level Xeon Scalable chips, thinking Bronze/Silver for home server use. I'm probably asking way too much, but it would be nice to be able to put together a N+1 Proxmox Cluster with Ceph with each node essentially being...