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    AMD making a fool of Threadripper customers - AGAIN?

    This isn't even on topic anymore. Not even in the same galaxy.
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    Good brands and resellers for DDR4 ECC UDIMM?

    Supermicro's own DRAM absolutely works with their stuff, as you would hope. Just be sure you're getting it from a genuine-authorized source. Not Amazon vendors!
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    AMD making a fool of Threadripper customers - AGAIN?

    Regardless, whatever your metrics are, this does not will 5000 series TRX40 socket Threadrippers into existence. I have 12 workstations that are used for engineering and programming purposes that now, based on insider information, have no upgrade path after one single generation of CPUs. This is...
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    ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WiFi Review AMD TR Pro

    There are recent rumors that TR Zen3 has been cancelled and TRPro might get a CPU or two. AMD sure has made a complete dog's meal of this platform, and in my opinion quite unacceptable behavior. For one, The fissure into 2 platforms for HEDT really made no sense. If the 5000 series of non-pro...
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    NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB TX2 and NX Hands-on

    Well hello there Nano-buddy! Looks like you used the same maker cad design and color scheme. Nice! I printed mine in ABS just to be sure it didn't get melty. I've had the Nano for a year now, and I have to say from a software compatibility perspective, well it leaves a LOT to be desired as an...
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    X11SSL-F memory

    I have a X11SSM-F which is essentially your board with another 4X PCIe connector soldered in. I'm using off the shelf non-ECC DDR4 made by Crucial/Micron with no issues, and with a Skylake Xeon. Note that the maximum supported memory is 64GB.
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    FreeNAS is becoming TrueNAS Core

    I'm trying to remain positive on this turn of events but past experiences raise the cynic in me. I will say this - first and foremost FreeNAS would not be where it's at were it not for countless hours of contribution from the community at large. I hope they remember this moving forward. The...
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    AMD Radeon RX 5700 GPU Review

    I bought one of these to sort of play around with. In stock form, even the reference 5700 is pretty darn powerful. I flashed mine to the 5700 XT 50th Anniversary's BIOS from the TechSpot repository, and got a really nice uplift over stock, of course, I had to ramp the fan curve up to 100% for...
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    FYI Best Buy Business Accounts NO Discounts

    Best Buy is overdue for demise.
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    New server - Epyc vs Threadripper

    Like Al (lol) said above, now that Epyc Rome is here its going cause a lot of running inventory to get decom'ed and parted out over the next couple of months, Not to mention potentially lower some of the ridiculous pricing that vendors have been trying to fluff. I'm considering TR for my lab -...
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    VSAN 2 Node Cluster

    I wouldn't use VSAN to store lolcat pictures on, but that's my humble opinion.
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    silverstone cs381 - Any news?

    That's a lot of U volume for so few drives.
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    Threadripper in 2U

    I'm considering doing 1920x's in either 1U or 2U. For a mild to moderate load VMWARE lab in my office. Based on my desktop experience with TR, that processor can hot-spot burst up temps and practically boil water out of a liquid cooling system like nothing I've ever seen before. I think 2U is...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    Man, it can't happen fast enough. My luck the Threadripper path will wind up costing just as much as going with the Epyc.
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    I have a suggestion, you may want to try Dynatron solutions for 2U+ with that socket AM4: They also have some 1U solutions as well that might fit up. I know they are rated for 95W TDP, but in my experience, in a 1U or 2U chassis where you have push/pull...
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    I wouldn't wait too long on Supermicro releasing an AM4 or a TR-SP4 socket workstation/server board. They don't seem to have any interest in AMD workstation/server stuff outside of EPYC.
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    FS: ES/QS Xeon Processors (Skylake, Broadwell, Haswell, IVB) and More

    I have a question too, since these units appear to be Intel ES, aren't they going to be clocked differently (lower) than the production versions? Thanks sir.
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    IBM Blade G8000 G8124 G8124-E Serial-USB cable pinout

    After reading a few other posters comment "oy m8 I just made me up a cable lol" and the like without actually being helpful in any other way, I searched far and wide and found a solution. I hope other IBM/Blade switch owners find this information useful. As for those who were less forthcoming, I...