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    1U 10sff supermicro X10SRH-CF - 185$

    I've been watching both and the SFF was also a no-go for me as well but wanted the board. I've got a ton of LFF 1U Supermicro cases and didn't need another, especially an atx only case, but may be able to find a use for an LFF case. Canadian seller accepted $100 CAD, which is about $75 USD...
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    [FS] [US-CA] Home/office hardware liquidation — Free Expedited Shipping

    Purchased a Supermicro A1SAi-2750F + 16GB (4x4) EP3L-12800E ECC SODIMMs & standard I/O shield and 4x32Gb of DDR4 2400 RDIMM. Both are working great, arrived fast, and were well packaged!
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    Inventec C202 Motherboards - 10Gbe and 4x SAS ports ~$20

    @epicurean Yep, just on a dos boot disk. This board's CSM implementation is slightly broken. I had to use UNetBootin and a freedos image since it installs syslinux bootloader. Any Rufus made disk wouldn't work for me. Also has to be on a flash drive smaller than 4gb. I couldn't get the board to...
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    Inventec C202 Motherboards - 10Gbe and 4x SAS ports ~$20

    @epicurean to reset the BMC on your B800 board, you can use the generic Megarac tools. This one is supposedly from Asrock for an itx board, but it worked properly on one of my B800 boards that the BMC had not been reset to factory on. Once you issue the command, give it a moment to reset and...