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    Am I wrong in thinking an Optane 905p had a power backup ..?

    Thanks buddy, I appreciate that. What was the lowest priced (sized) Optanes with PLP ..? Thx
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    Aside from ATTO, any PCIe SFP28 or QSFP+ (40 or 56) PCIe NICs for MacOS ...?

    Thanks buddy ... I have a few Chelsios, but, I'll double check and see which speeds they support. Sometimes their older drivers still work (or aren't even required) on later OS.
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    Aside from ATTO, any PCIe SFP28 or QSFP+ (40 or 56) PCIe NICs for MacOS ...?

    I've seen SolarFlare, but they're limited to 10GbE, as is literally EVERYONE except ATTO if I'm not mistaken. The ATTO stuff is so expensive, that it's cheaper to use a PCIe to TB3 enclosure than ATTO if one exists. Better still? Someone shows up with competition to ATTOs. $2,000 for a TB3...
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    Am I wrong in thinking an Optane 905p had a power backup ..?

    And also, is there a way to use about 10 NVMe (U.2) drives for a TrueNAS device ... that uses low power when it's not in use? I know sleep mode is faux pas... And the EPYC cpus (as AWESOME as they are w 128 PCIe lanes) aren't "low wattage." (hopefully I won't be harangued for wanting to make...
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    8TB SAS 25 USD + 13USD shipping, great deal for lot

    Use the iOS app called eBay Watch. If you pay, they notify you of deals that match your criteria the second they're posted. I've made about $10,000 just saying all the OEM PN for the SM951 when high perf. in AHCIs were still a hot commodity. As someone who buys and sells for a living, it's...
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    2u Epyc to run up to 24 U.2

    FIRST (before the quote) ... I'M LOOKING FOR EITHER AN: - R7515 with 24 NVMe slots, or, - R7525 with 24 NVMe slots. PS, I don't need many cores ... 8 should be fine, and fast is supposed to be good for SMB...right ? Needs CPUs the NVMe controllers, the 24 how swappable SFF slots in front I...
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    2u Epyc to run up to 24 U.2

    Probably run up to 15x NVMe (U.2) drives. I'll keep it sync'd to a spinning array ... Use some special vDevs ... Probably start off with 4x 8TB NVMe drives + some optanes And a special vDev for small files of optane only. I've thought about making a nested set of RAIDz2 zVols as constituent...
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    Intel Optane 905P Series 960GB US$339

    Am I too late? If not, please let me know and I'll fund you today.
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    AMD EPYC 7302p+ Supermicro H11SSL-i version 2

    I assume these are locked to SM ...?
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    Can FreeNAS Core replace Windows Server 2012 for AD (or LDAP) ..?

    pfSense is a good contextual reminder where we left off yesterday, but, apparently it was another client that I helped him out with on Ransomware. I was able to line him up with a friend of mine who charged him under a grand for what the hacker wanted $20k for. :) That said, I think that...
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    Can FreeNAS Core replace Windows Server 2012 for AD (or LDAP) ..?

    Took me a while to see the problem (miscommunication). As you said, an AD is totally different than an LDAP. New solution while I start realizing I'm dumb: Joining an AD is nothing like being a Domain Controller. (Obviously no protocol is gonna sync to an existing Windows DC's AD (eg...
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    Can FreeNAS Core replace Windows Server 2012 for AD (or LDAP) ..?

    So sorry for the confusion (and I'm sure it's my wording's fault). I want to know if I can REPLACE Windows Server 2008 or 2012 doing the aforementioned tasks AD (Active Directory) Possibly Hyper-V ... VMs NAS: Files & Folder repo ALL of which I believe TrueNAS Core can do ... And, may...
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    Can FreeNAS Core replace Windows Server 2012 for AD (or LDAP) ..?

    Just completed recovering a failed HP (P410i, total PITA) RAID-5 array. It had an Offset, a startup delay, was Right Sync (if I recall). Truly brutal without access to the SAS SA. The office uses an OLD DL380 with a "RAID-5 for fault tolerance" with either LDAP or AD. I believe the server may...
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    What's Better: 1 NVMe array 12x NVMe + 9x LFF array ... or use 2 servers: 1 NVMe and 1 LFF (spinning)

    I'd love to find a unit which allowed a mixture of SENARIO 1 - 6x NVMe in the rear - 12x LFF in the front - or - SENARIO 2 1 system for NVMe (allows for special vDevs) 1 system for Rsync (allows for special vDevs + fail overs) Feels like 1 system should be cheaper than 2, but maybe not ...
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    Anyone know when dRAID will be in TrueNAS core ?

    Thanks ... For some reason I thought it was 13.1
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    Does TrueNAS (FreeBSD) work on an M1 Mac ..?

    Thanks ... maybe one day. Much appreciated. I take it that means "no" for ZFS on MacOS also ..?
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    Does TrueNAS (FreeBSD) work on an M1 Mac ..?

    Thinking of making a TrueNAS (FreeBSD or Ubuntu) with an m1 (maybe a Mac Mini), they're - Quiet - Very Low Wattage - Low Thermals - Use TB3 to an External NVMe Array ... - 32GB of RAM is enough for my use - Cheap solution is using the built in 10GbE option - ...but, I could try using the other...
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    Mellanox Innova2 CONNECT-X 5 25gbps SFP28 and XILINX Kintex ULTRASCALE+ DPU $250 + Bestoffer

    For the longest time I didn't know how to do my ROM work using a CH341 on a Mac ... and was one of the only reasons for which I kept another little PC (now I have them for other reasons, but I still FAR and away prefer the HEX editors, etc., on Macs) ... Did you know that there's a cake-simple...
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    Dell S5148F-ON 48-port 25GbE 6-port 100GbE Switch Hands-on

    Is it the RPM of the fans that make them banshees? Or ... Could I replace them with quieter fans ..? (not the assembly, just the fans in the fan assembly ..?) If not, are there any SFP28 switches that are quiet ...? MikroTik SFP+ fanless switches are amazing.
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    Crazy 1TB SATA SSD Prices On eBay ~$30 for 1TB SSD

    But that's the opposite of a $33 ... 1TB SSD They raise their prices to avoid sales without deleting an auction (in which case, the ad will expire eventually).