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    Tempurature not shown for M1015 / LSI 92xx

    So I did the basic google search on getting the controller temperature and found that the MegaRAID Storage Manager is supposed to show the controller temperature, but mine does not. Does anyone have any experience with this or know a way to retrieve the controller temp from the card outside the...
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    Chenbro mITX server chassis

    From what I've seen online, most stores list the first three models as deactivated or discontinued. The SR30169T2 is the only one listed as new. Thanks for trying to get one Patrick. Can you get them to send me one too? :p I'd be interested in how it stacks up to the Lian Li Q08 which looks...
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    Chenbro mITX server chassis

    Chenbro used to have a couple mITX cases with 4 hot-swap bays which they've since discontinued. These cases were pretty popular for small file servers. Chenbro has a new mITX case out as a replacement (SR30169) that has 4x3.5 hot swap bays plus 2x2.5 internal. The case also looks like it will be...
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    Where can i buy a BR10i bracket?

    LOL Great picture. Now, how do I get a closer look at some of those?
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    Where can i buy a BR10i bracket?

    I mean PCI bracket measurements to order from a place like Purcell. I'll check the LSI site though.
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    Where can i buy a BR10i bracket?

    Did you find a place to order them? I'm trying to do the same thing, but for the IBM M1015. Patrick, I get the impression you have a few different RAID/HBA cards. Could you post measurements of the spacing on these? I would imagine that they would use the same spacing within a series, ie. all...
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    4K/Green/5200-7200/ ...-Questions

    As for TLER, I know that there's a utility that turns TLER on for all connected WD drives (it's called wdtler.exe FYI), but I've never tested it. I have a couple WD20EARS in a mirror and they work great for media storage, but the performance is terrible when compared to my Black series drives...
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    How can I share a hard drive with multiple VMs?

    I've been considering installing Hyper-V server so that I can get everything running on one box (yes, I'm new to virtualization). The problem is that I want to have a shared storage drive / array for data files. Is this possible without using VHDs or virtual network shares? From my...