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    Post highest hours HDD you have for the end of 2022

    WDRed 1TB over 61000 PoH, no issues...yet
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    Truenas Home Share with AD users

    You can't do it from Windows. But it's not something you do all the time, you create shares you need and you don't touch them, it's not something you create, remove, recreate all the time. If you really want shares on Windows, create iSCSI on Truenas, mount it in Windows, then create shares.
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    Truenas Home Share with AD users

    This correct answer. I use this in same way and it works just fine, no issues at all.
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    Hardware Failures in 2021 - Post yours!

    Just took out 3 HDDs from the drawer, they were sitting there for like 2 years. They are dead. I guess they died of boredom.
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    Dell business laptop quality issues?

    Where I work, we are using HP business laptops. They also have the issues that you mentioned, batteries dying after few months of usage, swollen batteries, keyboards typing by themselves, overheating, cpu coolers all the at like 50-70%...
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    I may get a few Atom Rangeley or Denverton appliances. I believe these devices may be good for Docker, but how do you install them baremetal?

    Kubernetes is orchestration for docker containers and Rancher OS is stripped down, sorr of specialized version of Linux for orchestration of containers. Either way I recommend that you start with some Linux distribution and docker. This is basic to learn. All this being said, I never tried...
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    I may get a few Atom Rangeley or Denverton appliances. I believe these devices may be good for Docker, but how do you install them baremetal?

    You need full blown OS. Try with Ubuntu, install docker. There is no web ui by default. For this you can install docker container called portainer. It has web ui and everything you need to configure and run other docker containers.
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    Simple Hyper-V Failover cluster

    Hm, Azure site recovery, didn't even crossed my mind. And I agree for scripting. It should be fairly easy to do this.
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    Simple Hyper-V Failover cluster

    Either ise Starwind or Windows Datacenter edition and S2D. There is Hyper-V replica, just replicates VMs from one host to another but there is no automatic failover, it must be done manually.
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    Bhyve vs proxmox

    It might be the case. I would like to know the good answer.
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    Bhyve vs proxmox

    I would say this is due to underlying file system. On TrueNAS you have ZFS file system, on your Proxmox installation I guess you don't have it. I don't know exact technical difference but I think this is the reason. Similar thing is on Windows. In NTFS volume Hyper-V will create snapshots much...
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    TrueNAS Core, estimated raw capacity vs final free capacity

    I think this might be because of slop space allocation. Some space allocated for ZFS operations to be able to complete even if ZFS pool is near it's capacity. Try this calculator ZFS Capacity Calculator - More on ZFS space allocation ZFS Storage Overhead - I am no...
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    BackBlaze B2 real life stories

    My use case is different than yours. I am backing up my personal files, there are no big files at all. Files are backed from TrueNAS to Backblaze, so I am using B2Cloud. For now no files are deleted. Probably in the future but not for now. Files are added irregularly, only few or quite a lot...
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    Hyper-V vs Vsphere - my initial take

    Good, you already have VMM. I don't think you need to migrate VMs from failover cluster manager. I haven't used VMM for about 5 years, but from what I remember it can all be done from VMM, as it should be proper way to do it. Since VMM version 2012 I think, there is shared nothing live...
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    Hyper-V vs Vsphere - my initial take

    About Hyper-V, I think you need Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) for this kind of VM storage migration. It should be doable from SAN/NAS to local disk. Of course, you need license for VMM. I have never tried to migrate VM storage from SAN/NAS to local disk. I can say that from local disk to local...
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    Wrong CPU temp

    Hello, I have FreeNAS 11.3U4.1 installed on machine with AMD FX8120., 32GB RAM... The problem I have is that CPU temps are completely off. The GUI reports the temps between 13 and 19 Celsius, outside temp is 23, I guess the temp where machine is around 25-27. Running sysctl -a | grep...
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    Server 2019: How to get best ST performance inside guest VM

    Hi, I never had any need to change this but here is what it looks like to me. The default of 0 is just use what ever the physical CPU on host has, that is 2 threads per core. Setting to 1 I guess would be to use only one thread per core. Back to your question, depends on what software is...
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    MS RDS server: How to publish multiple Putty instances with different config files for different users ?.

    Yes I agree, it can go out of control quickly. Apache Guacamole runs on Linux as a web interface, so you either publish it to internet behind reverse proxy or publish some browser on RDS that opens it. In the background it uses SSH, VNC and RDP clients and presents the remote connection to the...
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    MS RDS server: How to publish multiple Putty instances with different config files for different users ?.

    Hello, I would say just publish multiple instances of putty with saved sessions for each connection. For each published putty set appropriate access rights for users. Each session is started like this: putty.exe -load "session name". No need for multiple session hosts, like you already said. I...