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  1. maze

    EU [SOLD][DK]WTS 10x New 16TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro

    Sorry :) - gotta sort out some cash for other purposes
  2. maze

    EU [SOLD][DK]WTS 10x New 16TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro

    Haha, you should give yourself a pre-christmas present ;)
  3. maze

    EU [SOLD][DK]WTS 10x New 16TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro

    Seagate Ironwolf Pro discs ST16000NE000 Still in bags, prod date around august 28th 2021 comes with the 5 years warranty from seagate directly from the prod date.. 300€/ea or take Them all for 2600€ (shipping excluded - shipping from Denmark)
  4. maze

    EU [FS] 4GB Unbuffered DDR3 Sodimm ECC, LGA 3647 square coolers and other things

    Happen to have any cpu Coolers for a 2011 narrow (i believe) need it for a Dual xeon v2 box in a 2u case
  5. maze

    18TB Enterprise HDD $424.99

    Im running quite a few ironwolf pro drives. And have had a few RMA experiences so far.. my numbers are higher than the backblaze stats.. so yeah. The positive thing is that the RMA process just works with seagate, never had a question or issue with the process, and normal turnaround from the...
  6. maze

    Sold: Supermicro X11SDV-16C-TP8F for $1,000

    shoot me a price indication in dm please
  7. maze

    Sold: Supermicro X11SDV-16C-TP8F for $1,000

    ah sorry, didnt manage to conclude that :( was hoping EU somewhere
  8. maze

    Sold: Supermicro X11SDV-16C-TP8F for $1,000

    Where in the World are you?
  9. maze

    CSE-847 Fan Noise Woes.

    I ran my 846 with Noctua industrial fans for quite some years.. That worked quite decently. It was their 3k rpm (i think) model i got.. it spun up good when under heavy load, but nothing compared to what your used to now. Edit: One thing though.. have you got an SQ psu? - cause that is a must...
  10. maze

    JBOD/DAS enclosure in EU

    I'v been looking for a reasonably prices Lenovo SA120 for a while but havent been able to find any in Europe.. and shipping/customs from the us just ruins the thing. So im hoping someone can help me with alternatives that are possible to aquire 2nd hand in Europe .. Main thing is noise and...
  11. maze

    HPE EC200A Xeon D-1518 'hybrid server' on ebay ~$150

    Did anyone find any of these in Europe by any chance? Seem like a nice setup for a 3 unit lab setup
  12. maze

    Cisco 3k NX-OS config

    So you’ll want to just add the vlans to the ports by doing: conf t int gix/x switchport mode trunk Switchport trunk allowed vlan add 1,200 Switchport trunk native vlan 1 - that last one im a bit in doubt about, long time since i’v done a trunk port with native vlan on a Cisco box and Then for...
  13. maze

    ESXi w/VLANs, HP 1810-24g trunk home network questions

    i used Them extensively around 10 years ago in a dorm network.. the vlan part is just a pita.. i did exactly what others are talking about - put Down vlan 1 and dont use it, and Then use tagged vlans out untill you hit your access ports. keep the firmware updated, iirc that helped our stability...
  14. maze

    Gone - 3.84TB Micron 5100 ECO SATA SSD - $250 OBO (eBay)

    Damn.. steal! :)
  15. maze

    What happened to the forums?

    This........ im so confused!
  16. maze

    EU WTB 10GBase-T low profile NIC

    Shoot me a pm with some details and lets see if we can make it work :)