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  1. K D

    WTB: SuperMicro 24 bay chassis.

    Sorry. I’m in the Atlanta area and have no way to ship.
  2. K D

    WTB: SuperMicro 24 bay chassis.

    Where are you located?
  3. K D

    STH Turns 12 and Some Thank Yous

    Congratulations @Patrick and the rest of the STH team.
  4. K D

    I need 2 SHORT sff-8643 to sff-8087 cable

    Check out the supermicro estore. They have smaller sizes available.
  5. K D

    Recommended SuperMicro retailers? and
  6. K D

    US - Wanted: Norco 4224 or 24bay chassis

    Where are you located?
  7. K D

    Windows 10 Question about multi monitor and locations

    @T_Minus my needs are pretty basic. Outlook, teams, a couple of browser windows, excel. Works well for that across a 38" ultra wide and a 32" 1440p monitor. @Marsh No particular reason. Installed powertoys when I got a new laptop and when it worked well for me, I just did not bother to...
  8. K D

    Windows 10 Question about multi monitor and locations

    I used to use Display Fusion. I now use the zones feature in windows powertoys.
  9. K D

    Router Build Question

    The listing linked seems to be just for chassis alone. No motherboard.
  10. K D

    Supermicro 846 drive temps vs fan speed

    Just cover the air vents in the drive tray with tape on the inside.
  11. K D

    Manual Fan Controll (IPMI)

    Should work as is. I have used it with both x10 and x11 boards.
  12. K D

    Manual Fan Controll (IPMI)

    See this script. I'm using this in multiple Freenas systems.
  13. K D

    FS: 3x 14TB easystore drives

    @OMGerm was looking for something similar in another thread.
  14. K D

    2 Intel Xeon ES

    See Rule # 2 for this forum.
  15. K D

    WTB: Supermicro 846

    Sorry :-(. Don't have the boxes to ship. I have one available for pickup in the Atlanta area.
  16. K D

    WTB: Supermicro 846

    Where are you located?
  17. K D

    Supermicro SC836 wouldn't turn on - power distributor (?)

    Had the exact symptoms with a 216 chassis. Replacing the PDB sorted out the issue.
  18. K D

    Relatively new Supermicro JBOD Power Board - CSE-PTJBOD-CB3

    It's exactly the same as you get in a X10 or X11 SM motherboard.
  19. K D

    What happened to the forums?

    Is it possible to disable the page load animations?
  20. K D

    napp-it hardware