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    LSI 9361 bios

    Just install MSM and use wizard to flash new firmware into the card. It will accept any avago/broadcom firmware that you can find on their website. Flashing is simple and safe thru MSM as MSM will also warn you if you are flashing wrong firmware and refuse to do so if it's wrong. No worries...
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    Just a quick reminder what Shipping can do...

    Is it really DPD who managed to damage this board so badly. Do you think it's mistake of manufacturer or seller ? Looks too impossible for transport damage to look like this.
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    LSI 9361-8i no Raid 5 / 6 Licence where to get LSI Advanced Software option

    They were quite helpful to me, anyway, they have quite good diagnostic tools, here's excerpt from their email to me, maybe you can use same tools to detect what do you have exactly and later get correct CacheCade chip from ebay.
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    LSI 9361-8i help and information required.

    In my uefi bios v6.36.00.0_4.19.08.00, firmware package 24.21.0-0012, firmware version 4.680.00-8249 I have feature called something like "treat disks as JOBD", and it allows me to use controller as it was HBA, all disks are shown in windows as-is, JOBD alike, if I wanted so. That feature didn't...
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    Cisco branded 9361-81

    As MiniKnight says: backup firmware, put jumper "abc" into position "defgh", and voila ! Seriously ? Not much real content behind this reply except high post count. Noted somewaht similar shallow replies to my posts, pfffft. So, first things first - Use MSM to install firmware. MSM software...
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    LSI 9361 bios

    I believe your problem is not difference between 9361 and 9362; both are 93xx generation controllers so your key should work. However, what I believe the issue is that your key is not for NEC OEM but probably for DELL OEM (plenty on web), and crossflashing it with other firmware won't help you...
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    LSI 9361 RAID5 slower with cachecade - is that normal ???

    Anyway, to close this thread with some decent evidence/tests; I attach two images of raid-5 benchmark with and without cachecade. RAID 5 - No CC RAID 5 - with CC 6 x Seagate Constellation 4T SAS 6G on RAID 5 2 x Seagate ST200FM0073 200GB SAS 12G on RAID 0 as CC
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    Seagate 1200 ST400FM0063, 400GB 1.8" SSD, $85 BO FS

    For those who tried to retrofit this IBM 8x 1.8" SSD-Cage incl. Backplane System x3690 X5 - 59Y6222 into standard case, will be bit difficult; dimensions of this assembly are 7cm x 7cm x 10cm . I thought it would cool these very hot disks.
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    Powering fan - pinout or schematics of any LSI card (927x, 93xx, M5210, M1115...) needed

    Thanks for passing-by; I am looking into who have wide collection of sinks and fans or can even do custom sizes to cool various size chips; like GPU, SoC, RoC, etc.... I would like to cool any or all of mentioned cards and I want to drain power directly from raid/hba card...
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    Super Cheap Hitachi UltraStar C10k600 450GB 2.5" TCG Encryption Hard Drives

    This works flawlessly if needed to be read by windows/linux. Hoewer using few of these in a logical drive works even if drives are formatted with 528bytes sector size. Great info. Thank you for sharing.
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    Video 7 server memory - who's chip manufacturer ??

    Nah, chips can be same but if expand memory by adding extra sticks, I like to have identical PCB design, AMB, same ODT resistors, same SPD timings and close weeks of manufacture; just in case, just little more attention on these details can save me of BSODs. Samsung label is very helpful, it...
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    Video 7 server memory - who's chip manufacturer ??

    For those who google the same question; hereby my finding. This 16GB and 32GB is Samsung RDIMM (upper left corner says "Samsung"). From the look to PCB and chips, it looks like 32GB model is: 32GB 4DRx4 PC4-2133P (-LD0-10-DC0 -- this is guess as is it's PCB design version and JDEC compliance...
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    What is suffix "0Q" in Samsung PC4-LRDIMM M393A2G40DB0-CPB(0Q) ??

    For the sake of those who google how to decode Samsung Label and chip numbers, hereby my findings. According Samsung module ordering information last two numbers stand for AMB Vendor for FBDIMM (AMB = Advanced Memory Buffer). Here in section "5. RDIMM, LRDIMM Memory Buffer Information" and...
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    What is suffix "0Q" in Samsung PC4-LRDIMM M393A2G40DB0-CPB(0Q) ??

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what's the difference between these modules ?? (M393A2G40DB0-CPB vs M393A2G40DB0-CPB0Q) I examined memory chips and buffer chips and they are totally identical as everything else on these modules. So what's the difference and can I mix them ? Thanks PS: The reason I...
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    Seagate 1200 ST400FM0063, 400GB 1.8" SSD, $85 BO FS

    What are dimensions of this assembly; how many 5.25 slots I need to free up ?
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    Video 7 server memory - who's chip manufacturer ??

    I've seen few nice prices for RDIMM 16GB from Video 7 on ebay... I never heard of that memory and I would like to know who makes chips for that memory so I can explore compatibility with my Xeon (ES). Does anyone know who makes these chips ? Is it Hynix, Samsung, Micron ??
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    Different point of view from software perspective - Patching firmwares, bioses, and OS has consequences, imagine that every bank, air carrier, military simply patches their OSes as Microsoft is pleased - it would be disaster. Remember DEP rendered applications inoperable - totally not...
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    Seagate 1200 ST400FM0063, 400GB 1.8" SSD, $85 BO FS

    Does this adapter have screw-holes to screw it into the tray?
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    You experiences with HP SAS Expander 12GB/s

    Hi @aron, @Evan, can you guys check firmware and bios version of both cards, 9361 and HP Expander. I noticed when I flash 9361 with newest firmware things go out of control, the expander keeps disappearing in MSM. This could mean your setup works because you have some specific firmwares and I'd...
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    You experiences with HP SAS Expander 12GB/s

    Thanks - I am already upgraded to 3.14, it went flawlessly. Here are 3.14 fw files and checksum that I flashed my expander with - if anyone interested ( | Gett sharing) If someone can send some photos of controller and cables I would love to see it with my own eyes that it works. I just...