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  1. Patrick

    The Ultimate Cheap Fanless 2.5GbE Switch Mega Round-Up

    I think by the end of today we will have 5+ switches inbound to add. Now the challenge is to get through the backlog.
  2. Patrick

    Crazy Small Router Firewall and Virtualization Node iKoolCore R1 Review 4x 2.5GbE

    Good point @PigLover We have been very lucky with the fanless units. ~2 dozen of them and have yet to see the problems some others have. We started putting that disclaimer/ thread in the reviews since there seem to be a lot of variabilities in manufacturing. I will put this as a note to the...
  3. Patrick

    Using DPUs Hands-on Lab with the NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU and VMware vSphere Demo

    Good question. The 25GbE one was the first to be validated I believe. This is something that is going to evolve over time.
  4. Patrick

    Where has STH gone this week?

    We have changed a lot behind the scenes. I will probably do my quarterly Letter from the Editor and talk about it a bit more soon. The TL;DR is we have been trying to find a way to increase capacity by doing bigger batches. That will net increase throughput, but it is causing latency.
  5. Patrick

    Dell VEP/VMWare Edge/Velo Cloud SD-WAN/VeraCloud VEP1400/VEP1400-X firewall units

    I am very jealous of all of this. We just recorded a 15x switch round-up video today and I have recorded videos the last two days as well, and am hoping to get 1-2 done tomorrow. I wish I had one / the time to play with one.
  6. Patrick

    Cisco Touts Co-Packaged Optics Future with Demo

    These 400Gbps are closer to 10W than 8.3W, but there are higher power modules than SR optics:
  7. Patrick

    FS: AMD/Pensando Dual 200GbE DPUs

    I think on the ESXi side you need ESXio. For example, we should be showing BF2 w/ ESXi this week, but I have heard they might actually be special SKUs for ESXio, not standard BlueFields. Pensando I think they are the standard cards, and I am supposed to be trying it out in a few weeks so I...
  8. Patrick

    HP FlexIO v2 2.5gbe NIC (for Elitedesk/tiny desktop etc) $20 shipped

    I cannot believe I missed this. Need to see if I can get some. I like how photo #2 is from STH ;-)
  9. Patrick

    List of OEM/white-labeled Supermicro systems?

    I can tell you that when we did the Supermicro X13 launch, we filmed in the middle of the San Jose factory floor. It was the first time I had been there in years. A huge amount of the new boxes being filled around us while filming were OEM servers other than Supermicro. Perhaps the better...
  10. Patrick

    AMD Ryzen Server the ASRock Rack 1U4LW-B650/2L2T Review

    @scline s-tui @marcoi I need to ask the team if we tested it. It is just Ryzen 7000 series so it should be easier to support than the workaround you need for the P+E cores on the Intel side these days. i210 is supported, and I *think* the BCM is as well. On the performance, E3-2386 I would say...
  11. Patrick

    ASRock Rack B650D4U MicroATX for Ryzen 7000 processors

    I think this is going to be the play. I recorded the video today. Should be live mid-month.
  12. Patrick

    W790 Motherboard discussion thread

    I am pretty sure we are going to do a piece on at least one of these.
  13. Patrick

    Is Patrick going to be at LTX this year?

    That is the current plan.
  14. Patrick

    Why DDR5 is Absolutely Necessary in Modern Servers

    Super, an easy one! The reason is somewhat easy. We had someone on our team see the video like 20 min before the go-live. Their feedback was that the section talking about the core counts memory bandwidth and so forth was like twice as long as it could be. It would also be better if that...
  15. Patrick

    Feedback on this STH LinkedIn Post

    Point taken @MiniKnight
  16. Patrick

    Patrick's 2021 Fiber Build-out

    @XeonLab - It all works, but it is a ton of fiber. Part of it is really just remembering that it was <2x the cost of just pulling LC, so it is mostly underutilized. We have been really busy for the past 6+ months so it has been a bit of a struggle to get videos out in general.
  17. Patrick

    ElI5 - Why would CXL "replace" Optane/3D-Xpoint?

    Sure. I think we have discussed this in a few articles in passing. Maybe in the glorious complexity piece. Optane was not designed as a storage medium to compete with NAND on pricing. Instead, it was designed to compete with RAM. The small dollar problem was to make faster storage. Some...
  18. Patrick

    [WTB] New Tiny-Mini-Micro Hardware - Starting Over From Scratch

    We have not done the MSG10+V2 yet. Genoa + Sapphire has us very behind right now.
  19. Patrick

    Paranoid After Purchase !

    If it makes you feel better, Bloomberg's stories have been fairly thoroughly debunked by folks like Tim Cook, Andy Jassay, and more. There is still a risk, but Bloomberg's original article has zero cited sources that have said that Bloomberg was correct...
  20. Patrick

    A bit of personal news today

    I put this on Twitter a bit ago, but here is some personal news.