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    Help/Recommendation: Dead PSU replacement

    Let me start by saying: MODs please forgive is this is in the wrong location. During the course of a rack move/cleanup my pws-203-1h died on my Frankenstein 1U sc-512L pfsense box. I've got it operation now with an old ps2 sized PSU. So now I'm left with a number of options all around the...
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    (Complete) [WTB] HP SAS Expander or LSI 9201 8i/16i -

    Deal has been completed. - Mod’s I’m not sure if you can lock this thread but if you can please do. Thanks
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    (Complete) [WTB] HP SAS Expander or LSI 9201 8i/16i -

    I’ve finally gotten to the point where I need to expand my drive pools past my current hw setup. I am hoping not to pay the current eBay prices for these, so I wanted to see if anyone here would part with one for a reasonable price + shipping [US-TX]. Looking for either: HP SAS Expander 24 or...
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    Quiet Supermicro SC512L PSU

    I really hate to do this and ask this dreaded question but I wanted to get some opinions before sinking more cash into my little project. I bought an SC512L-260B chassis + mobo for dirt cheap. I planned on turning it into a 1U pfsense box .... everything’s up and working however the whine and...
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    FS - 32GB DDR4 ECC Server RAM ($50) x30 sticks

    Came here to say i’ll take two (dont need that much) but clearly other folks want the whole thing.