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    Mikrotik CRS504-4XQ-IN...$800?

    Given the love the CRS305-1G-4S+IN got here? Basically, it comes down to when they review it. Not if, but when. Wonder if L3HW is supported on release day.
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    Alternative to HPE "1/4 turn hook-and-loop cabling strap clips"

    Those are actually Rittal DK 5502.155. That should make procurement a lot easier :) :edit: Alternatively: Rittal SZ 2597.000. Those only work in the small round holes, though. Then again, they cost a lot less per piece.
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    EMC 100GB SSD (SATA) - Anyone managed to use these?

    Those are Fibre Channel Arbitrary Loop (FCAL). Avoid the pain and just forget it.
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    MD1220 Only recognizing 5 drives.

    Removing one of the controllers might help, basically closes down the unused path from the backplane. Contrary to the MD1200, which allows for 3,5" SATA disks, the MD1220s Drive Support Matrix does not list any SATA disks:
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    Toshiba 12Gb SAS3 SSD usually negotiates link at 6Gb/s

    That's an annoying bug. Probably doesn't help that the PX02SMs were release before SAS3 controllers were generally available. They were actually one of the very first SAS3 SSDs ever built....
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    MD1220 Only recognizing 5 drives.

    Since you are running SATA disks, did you try the MD1220s with just the first controller installed? I'm guessing you're not using Interposers, right? Btw, you do realise that those drives are SMR, right? DM-SMR to be exact.
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    Toshiba 12Gb SAS3 SSD usually negotiates link at 6Gb/s

    What speed are the other disks working at? 6G or 12G? :edit: Are the Toshiba Disks from Toshiba themselves, or Dell/HP/Fujitsu/etc branded? Dell for instance have released 3 firmware updates for the PX02 series.
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    Dell R730xd SFF 3,5" midbay possible?

    Theoretically, it might be possible, if you had the smaller CPU heat sinks (not standard in SFF case) and sufficient SAS Ports. The 3.5" disk midplane is placed behind the fan wall, above right the CPUs.
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    mikrotik CRS309-1G-8S+IN for basic vlanning and switching - good idea?

    Yes, it'll do that and more. Just be sure to install the current SwOS 2.13 or higher. You will definitively want to get the CRS309 over the 305 for it's better switch chip. They're adding wirespeed routing with RouterOS 7 (currently beta) and the 309 actually support NAT and Fasttrack...
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    How to do patch panel with DAC Cables?

    Sorry, but the clue is in the cables name: DAC - Direct Attach Copper/Cable. If you want to use patch panels for a clean look, then you'll have to switch to transceivers and fibre cables.
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    Shared SAN

    How about a Netapp A250? Am quite happy with the previous A200 and A220s myself. And with the upcoming OS Release ONTAP 9.9 the GUI should be full function once more. Will be using 9.7Px until then :)
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    HPE Adds a Quartet of New AMD EPYC 7003 Servers

    Eh, consindering "cray cray" is used in the context of crazy.... not too far off? :D
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    EU deprecated - SAS3 SSDs

    They arrived today :)
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    Cisco SG350 series fan replacement?

    Did you check whether the cables are in the correct order in the 3-pin plug? If I remember correctly, Cisco went went with a non-standard order. At least they did with the SG300s. Normally a 3-pin fan would go ground-vdc-tacho. With the SG300 fans however they used vdc-tacho-ground.
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    Possible compromised forum?

    Same :( Same situation as before. Private browsing on iPhone Safari, when opening any article on the main site. 4G (o2 Telefonica) or WiFi (ISP "1&1 "). Accessing from Germany.
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    Hyper-V vs Vsphere - my initial take

    If you want to use local server storage for a Hyper-V Cluster AND have other nodes use that storage, too, then you need to present it as an smb 3 application share on a Scale File Server role. Basically, you need to install the Failover Clustering role and install the cluster without storage...
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    EU Kioxia KHK61RSE1T92 (1.92 Tb, SATA III) = 135 GBP

    Kioxia HK6-R 1,92TB 1DWPD They retail for around 350€ + VAT in central europe. Price seems pretty fair...
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    Sadly not really a 1:1 replacement. Can't run RouterOS on CSS systems :/
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    Mikrotik announced the CSS610-8G-2S+IN today: product page 8x 1GE RJ45, one with PoE-in for redundant power input. 2x 1/10G SFP+ 99$ pricetag That's a pure L2 switch running SwitchOS. The outdoor variant is the netPower Lite 7R, also announced today, at 129$.
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    PE R630 psu's

    2x 130W CPUs + 20W NIC + 50W Mainboard&PERC + 2x 10W SSD and 7x7=50W for FANs puts you at 400W plus 3W/8GB of memory. That's the absolute max. At 90%+ load you get around 90% (up to 92%) efficiency out of the 495W PSU. Thus, the 495W PSU tops out at around 450W fully loaded. You should be good...