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    Monoprice 32in 4K IPS monitor 1 DP 1.2, 1 HDMI 2.0, 2 HDMI 1.4 $300 for a limited time . Reg $399 FS before tax

    Just my $0.02 I did a 27in 4k shootout a year and a half ago or so (looked at all the 10-bit screens for CAD, primarily, but also cause they're just pretty), and the Monoprice ones looked good on the outside and had beautiful slim bezels, but the colors were over-pumped no matter what I did. I...
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    [ebay] HGST 6.4TB NVMe U.2 3DWPD HUSMR7664BDP301 $598.98

    I believe that to be the case - caps on the board will have some cache to offer enterprise power protection for the entire card. I booted up the drive Tuesday and it appears to be 4x Toshiba KXG50PNV2T04's with approx 1yr power on time and only 10 or so cycles. Data written ranges from 30tb to...
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    [ebay] HGST 6.4TB NVMe U.2 3DWPD HUSMR7664BDP301 $598.98

    Received the card and was well-packed. Came with a Dell sticker seal so got excited thinking it was a PM1725a (looks almost identical), but turns out it's from a company called Liqid that's all about their PCI-e interconnects, so I'm wondering if they use their own PCI-e swtich? This card is...
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    [ebay] HGST 6.4TB NVMe U.2 3DWPD HUSMR7664BDP301 $598.98

    Bought one - too good to pass up. $470 shipped is at least double the value I was getting with my pm953 960gb drives, and we'll see how performance is on this vs 4x pm953 in an Asus x16 card - I'm guessing that since this is a PCIe x8 card, there's a PCIe switch on these cards?
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    Radeon Pro Duo, 32GB gddr5 $450 NEW

    This is a solid deal, but it's in a different category all together from a 2080. These aren't gaming cards - gamers won't buy them, and CAD/pro workstation folks won't buy gaming cards. You can compare them based on architecture/etc to see which generation is which, but it doesn't do a lot of...
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    Cheap and decent 4k monitor

    I recently did a little round-up of 27" 4k IPS monitors as I decided to move from my single 34" Dell to 3x 27in (needed some additional virtual desktop space) and figure this is as good a place as any to share. I do CAD and lot of productivity (read: reading/writing) and really, really hate low...
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    Xeon ES/QS Turbo Bins Database

    Xeon E5-2675v3 - ES, 1.8GHz 16-core, but runs at 1.4-1.5GHz most of the time. Need to check C-states. Used to have a 2667v3 and swapped to this thinking it'd be better for many more low-priority VM's, and now am looking for replacements with higher (actual) clocks. This thread is great!
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    EU X10DRI-t Open Box 228 Euro

    Fantastic board. What's the word on ES CPU's with X10's? I've got an Asus C612 board that I got super cheap, but has an inop second CPU socket, would finally be able to slot this second Xeon.
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    EVGA GTX 1080 for $400

    I agree, especially when 11GB 1080TI's are down in the $520 range! Nice to see prices finally falling.
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    Customized PCI Express Gen 3 Carrier Board for 4 M.2 SSD modules

    After diving into SAS SSD -> NVMe SSD's recently and being unimpressed by most of what's out there, your half-height, 4x SSD into X16 slot board looks awesome. I came into some PM963's and can't believe what a pain in the ass it seems to be to get full x4 performance out of 'em without spending...
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    OCZ Talos 2 960gb SAS2 SSDs @ $180/ea

    DiskSpd updates, 8 threads, all reads, 1gb files, random I/O - 107k IOPS, 837MB/s, 0.59ms avg latency 32 threads, all reads, 1gb files, random I/O - 180k IOPS, 1408MB/s, 1.4ms avg latency 32 threads, mixed 30% write 70% read, 1gb, random - 107K IOPS (75k read, 32k write), 837MB/s total, 2.3ms...
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    OCZ Talos 2 960gb SAS2 SSDs @ $180/ea

    These showed up well packaged and when hot-plugged popped right up in JBOD (LSI 9361-8i) They all showed years of power-on time, but three showed 100% life left and one showed 99%. Different firmwares and BIOS versions, but the Toshiba/OCZ tool picked em up and updated them all I set up all...
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    New 1.92TB SanDisk Cloudspeed Eco Gen2 $400

    Saw these last night before u bought the OCZs (see new thread here). These seem like relatively new, pretty solid drives - is the consensus that these are better than the HGST drives from a few weeks ago?
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    OCZ Talos 2 960gb SAS2 SSDs @ $180/ea

    I've got a ridiculously overprovisioned home/small office Win Server setup that's got a beautiful SAS3 controller wasted on a bunch of Seagate SAS2 HDDs in RAID5, and have been aching for some SAS SSD lovin... Have <3tb of working data and another couple that could stay on the RAID, so all the...