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    Migrating aging HP workstation to ESXi 6.5U2 for Plex/other-tasks - WWYD?

    I do some similar as what tour planning I have a i5 8400 that I run esxi 6.7 on. On it I have 3 to 4 VMs on it. 1- windows 10 for plex, I pass through the integrated gpu for hardware trans code. Recently switched motherboards trying to chase a stability problem. It wants to crash the whole...
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    Expensive hobbies

    Computer stuff is easily my cheapest hobby. I'm also not into flipping gear as I tend to use it till it literally has more value recycled then my time trying to sell it. Become an audiophile. Guys out there spend more on used power cables then some of us have in our while network. I try to keep...
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    Virtualisation of my media PCs using ESXi

    Why not just use plex like I do? I have my esxi server running a windows 10 VM just for plex and it works great. I did set the machine up to eventually pass through a video card to run games and stream it using my steam link for living room gaming when I get a new card for my main machine.
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    Lenovo SA120 rear SATA drives

    Dammit price is up to $107. I didn't realize it was for a pair or I would have got them when the deal was first posted. Still a great deal since they retail for like $250 a piece right?
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    HP P812- $59

    Well ordered last night so we shall see in a few days if it happens or not.
  6. J

    HP P812- $59 Free shipping too! After some digging found that they are 6Gpbs and support over 2Tb.