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    EU WTB : Dual Ports 10GB SFP NIC

    I have 3x HPE CN1100E, which are rebranded Emulex OCe11102 I think. They seem to use the elxnet-driver which should be included in 7.0 and up. Don’t know if they work, I could give it a try.
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    How to get firmware from Oracle

    gparted live ISO or any other recent live Linux distro? As Samsung isn’t too forthcoming with firmware they aren’t with tools either. You could try the intel datacenter tool but I doubt it will work on Samsung drives.
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Did you manage to get data in the Monitoring Tab under hardware? My Prodesk 600 G5 is complaining about that it 'has no IPMI capabilities'. I would love to get SOME temperature-info from my hardware. Maybe someone else with ESXi on these TMM-boxes with hardware-info? If temperatures are...
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    Hardware sensors in ESXi

    I'm sure there has been much written about this topic, but I cannot find the answer. Is there a way to get hardware sensor information in ESXi 6.5, 6.7 or 7.0 of unsupported hardware, for instance one of the TMM-solutions? I'm running ESXi 7.0b on a Prodesk 600 G5 and it run's great. But I...
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    EU FS: HP DL385 Gen10 with dual 7452 CPUs and 256gig memory

    I think slaughtering in this context means to sell the server in parts and not as a whole server.
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    HPE EC200A Xeon D-1518 'hybrid server' on ebay ~$150

    BIOS-version 2.66 is also available. Maybe that helps?
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    I’m using a Dell N1148T-ON. It has 48 gigabit-ports and 4 SFP+-ports. The 1124T-ON has 24 gigabit-ports and also 4 SFP+-ports. It’s L2 only but fully managed and has no fan. For those interested the 1100P-ON models are the PoE-versions. Even cheaper is the Aruba 1930 series. Also 24 and 48...
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    10 GB switch - questions

    Three more options TP-Link T1700G-28TQ Netgear XS708T Netgear XS708E The thing is that 10GBASE-T switches get expensive really quickly. You have to pay upfront the cost of 8x that SFP+-transceiver. Regarding the heat of those transceivers, I think the series of articles on the frontpage about...
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    Dell N1100 fans

    The temps of my switch are currently 41C ("Good") so that eases me for the long term help. Thanks for that! Looks like it switches to Medium if it rises above 50C. As far as power-tapping into it, I'm not a fan of splicing into current traces or connectors and like the ability to return a unit...
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    Dell N1100 fans

    I recently bought a Dell N1148T-ON. As nice as this switch is, without fans, it isn't completely cold either, so longtime health is a concern. It's completely silent, that is really nice. The entire N1100-series has no built-in fan, except for the N1148P-ON, the 48 port PoE-version of this...
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    10 GB switch - questions

    I recently bought the Dell N1148T-ON. It's a 48-port 1G-switch with 2x2 SFP+-slots. It also comes in a 24-port config, N1124T-ON. And it is relatively cheap. And best of all, it has NO fans, so completely silent! Or a HP A5120-24G SI This switch doesn't have SFP+-ports but only SFP, as stated...
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    Issue with HP NC552sfp

    Try this firmware: Drivers & Software - HPE Support Center. It says it has the 14000-series firmware on it but it also has the 11000-series firmware on it. It helped me to bring down the post time from several minutes to normal timeframes. This is the UEFI-version but there is also a pure...
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    Desktop PC won't boot with HP NC552SFP/Emulex OCE11102 dual 10gbe nic

    And when your at it, try this firmware update Drivers & Software - HPE Support Center. It helped for me significantly in a Dell R210. At first it booted in 5 minutes. But after flashing the UEFI it booted almost straight away. There is also a BIOS-version: Drivers & Software - HPE Support...
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    How to get firmware from Oracle

    There are 2 things about the F20. The thing is so old, the extended warranty has probably expired on them, I don’t think the firmware from oracle is still available. The other thing is that it’s LSI-based which is known to be crossflash-friendly. Look at all the sas-controllers as example. But...
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    How to get firmware from Oracle

    The problem is that no one is openly sharing those firmware files or patches as you have to pay for them. And if Oracle finds out they charge you a hefty premium if you aren't entitled to that software part. So whoever has access to those files (myself included) isn't openly sharing because of...
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    Cheap 1U PCIe M.2 Riser - why don't they exist?

    I’m following this thread for a while now and I wondered if anyone knows these Online Shop M.2 NGFF NVMe SSD TO PCIE 3.0 X16/X8/X4 adapter M Key interface for 1U/2U server card Suppor PCI Express 3.0 x4 2230-2280 M 2 | Aliexpress Mobile. Not to be offensive towards you all who put much work...
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    EU Intel DC S3510 1,2 TB 150€

    And there gone or the listing is changed to €250 each.
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    How-To: Use OpenSSL and ADCS for creating and signing Supermicro IPMI BMC SSL certificates

    Doesn’t work or is a big PITA as you would have to do this every 90 days. Letsencrypt is only valid for a very short time and they want to shorten it even further so you would need to do this even more often. Unless someone could completely script this with ssh-commands or some API but that...
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    EU WTB: Dell R210 II case

    Nice! So who has a Dell R210 v1 that’s cheap and can be scrapped for parts??
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    EU WTB: Dell R210 II case

    I need a new case for my R210 II. Does anybody have a R210 II that’s broken or that’s otherwise not working, I could use the case. I dropped mine and now the front left rack ear is bent inwards. I already pulled out all the hardware but it’s kind of tricky to only get the front off to repair it.