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    Where are the DDR5 ECC UDIMMs?

    I'm considering giving these a shot on the Asus Pro WS W680. The report of them working on the supermicro X13SAE w680 board is encouraging but holy crap is it an expensive roll of the dice if it they don't work with the return policy being go pound sand.
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    Where are the DDR5 ECC UDIMMs?

    Ah, bummer. This page tricked me: M323R4GA3BB0-CQK - 1x 32GB DDR5-4800 UDIMM PC5-38400U Dual Rank x8 Replacement The table on the right says ECC.
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    Where are the DDR5 ECC UDIMMs?

    Anyone have any experience with the samsung M323R4GA3BB0-CQK? They're a bit cheaper than the Hynix HMCG88MEBEA. Looking to use it on Asus W680 with i7-13700.
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    What's the recommended 10Gb Multigig capable NIC in 2023?

    Nope, not married to any chipset. Just needs to support multigig and be low power. It looks like at least some x540 nics have fans on the heatsinks, that's not encouraging for the low power requirement.
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    What's the recommended 10Gb Multigig capable NIC in 2023?

    Thanks! I knew the AQC107 was pretty old just didn’t know what the new version was. I see the AQC113 is used in the new apple products as well so that’s slightly encouraging. Assuming it can push 10Gb reliably without the need for jumbo frames it may be the ticket for my needs!
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    What's the recommended 10Gb Multigig capable NIC in 2023?

    I'm not really up to date on what the best oem sku's are to pick up a multi-gig capable 10Gb rj45 nic anymore. With the minefield of counterfeit stuff on ebay I'm hesitant to buy anything X550 based on a whim. It also seems like single port x550 nics are pushing $180-$200 which seems like a lot...
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    Cheap X550-T1 network cards on Amazon?

    Mind sharing where you got them from? I'm looking for the same thing from a reputable vendor.
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    Does anyone understand how to use an Intel QAT QuickAssist pcie add-in card?

    Thank you, very helpful. I'll have to check if the software i'm using leverages the system package for openssl or if it relies on something else, but it sounds like in theory if I can get openssl 3.x installed or build openssl following the guide you posted this could all work relatively easily...
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    Does anyone understand how to use an Intel QAT QuickAssist pcie add-in card?

    tldr; Are intel QAT pcie cards plug and play in linux or is there more to it? STH has some great coverage of QAT add-in cards here and here. I have an old xeon E5-2678 v3 2u I use as a homelab box running proxmox (debian 11). It isn't capable of saturating a 10Gbit line pulling from usenet...
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    18TB Recertified Seagate Exos $189

    Would also appreciate it if you elaborated more on this. I saw water panther has some outrageously cheap 8tb nvme ssd's but had never heard of them before.
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    4+ 10Gb copper port (multi-gig capable ports) low power switch? Ubiquiti Switch Flex XG?

    Getting 8Gbe google fiber to the house soon (it's like every childhood Christmas combined lol!). Considering the current shortages with networking hardware in general does anyone know of any efficient, cost effective layer 2 managed switches with at least 4 copper 10G ports capable of multi-gig...
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    I have fallen in love with MooseFS

    Awesome, thanks for the explanation that was extremely helpful! I'll keep this bookmarked for possible future projects as it is very cool and had no idea it existed, it just doesn't fit my exact needs right now. This is the type of stuff that I visit this forum for, not a chance I'd have...
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    I have fallen in love with MooseFS

    This is cool thanks for letting us know about it! Their website mentions the option for tiered storage. Do you know if this operates similar to an ssd cache drive in unraid where data will be written there initially and moved off on a schedule or as the cache drive runs low on space? I need to...
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    Storage Strategy for Large Plex Libraries

    Is this a script you wrote? Do you mind sharing it with us? I'm evaluating my options, looking to ditch a large zfs pool for many reasons and move to either unraid with ssd cache or snapraid + mergerfs, but I need a functioning ssd caching system. I can't believe this isn't more documented in...
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    EdgeRouter 4 w/OpenWrt

    Out of curiosity what is it you liked about VYOS that you chose it on a generic x86 box over openwrt (runs on x86 I think?), pfsense/opnsense, & ipfire? Is it just familiarity and you know it'll reliably get the job done or is there more to it?
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    Consumer brand (trendnet/asus) vs used enterprise 10Gbe Nic for 10Gbe over cat5e?

    Wow that is super cool. Have you tried them out yet all working well? Is it just plug and play with the adapter everything aligns correctly in the pcie slot or is some potential modification needed? I wonder what the power consumption is on these?
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    Consumer brand (trendnet/asus) vs used enterprise 10Gbe Nic for 10Gbe over cat5e?

    After seeing success on the Internet of others successfully running 10 Gigabit networks in their homes over existing CAT5 and CAT5E in-wall cables I'm about to give it a go myself. The furthest away client device will be my windows desktop and I'm unsure if I should go with one of the consumer...
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    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    I also just wanted to chime in and say I recently discovered your work and couldn't be happier, it's truly wonderful thank you so much for building this and sharing it with the community!
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    Ruckus Unleashed R750 (NEW) US$750

    As a possible buyer of 3 R750's for my home I'm very curious about your experience with yours? Have you done any iperf testing with various clients and channel widths? Does the magical ruckus secret sauce seem to translate into better real world performance? I'm comparing these to much cheaper...
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    Low power 10Gbit SSD NAS + VM Host - Ryzen 3000 or Intel?

    I need a 24/7 power efficient nas/vm host to to run lightweight VM's for homelab tinkering as well as backup server software etc. Host will be proxmox, guests will be a mix of linux and windows, ZFS will be the filesystem on the proxmox host. I like the look of the u-nas 810a case and am...